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  1. Version V 1.0


    SIREN PACK NUMBER 3 Edited to work best with LA Mod! This one is my personal Favorites as it isn't only 1 Siren. It includes Several Different Sirens Inside the download Folder is a Readme. Read it for Installation Instructions Video Demonstration Coming Soon! Thankyou
  2. Oh, Well I ended up buying EM 2016 for £4.99. Must be becasue I owned EM5. But why sell it defferently if its also an update in EM5? Confusing but nvm.
  3. What I don't understand is that they say it is an Update for EM5 yet you have to pay £20 for the damn thing.
  4. Please can someone change my Username to FamousBasic13 please? Thankyou
  5. Sorry, there is too much background noise I can do it if you find a vid with less background noise
  6. Hi All, Im back from school now and Im free for Requests on Sirens. here are my First two Siren Mods: 1. http://forum.emergency-planet.com/files/file/564-new-2014-us-nation-wide-sirens-carson-sa441/ 2. http://forum.emergency-planet.com/files/file/565-whelen-295sla100-sirens/ Feel Free to request any Siren mod below but if you do, this is what i need: 1. At least 2 Different video links of the siren 2. which country it is used in Thanks Guys (Im waiting.......)
  7. I created a texture for the Dodge Durango but when I put the vehicle folder into my mod folder, it doesnt show up in the editor? Thanks Henry
  8. Hello, I have finally been able to release these custom sirens for the community, read the README for installation issues! http://www.4shared.com/zip/g-00psBCce/Siren_Mod_Pack.html Credits - tambola (me)
  9. If there is an issue with my new "Whelen 295SLA100 Siren" Mod please let me know. I submitted this file due to a request at least a month and a half ago? Just wondering whats wrong with my mod? Regards Henry
  10. Version V1.0


    Self made sirens from a Whelen 295SLA100 Goes best with the Miami mod and Los Angeles Mod but still works great in all others! Enjoy!
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