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  1. DPG somehow let a man armed with a handgun walk past two Armed Guards outside the Embassy of Kuwait, he proceeded to attempt a hostage taking. Once the alarm was sounded DPG stormed in and arrested the suspect with the only injury being the pride of the Officers on door duty.
  2. In my Town Fire & Rescue: Suffolk Fire & Rescue Service - Operating 1x retained pump. - Mutually covered by retained crews from other villages/towns and Wholetime crews from neighboring Ipswich or Bury. Ambulance Service: NHS East Of England Ambulance Service - Operating one RRV in from local Doctors. - Multiple Community First Responders - Ambulances sent from either West Suffolk Hospital in Bury or Ipswich Hospital Police Service: Suffolk Constabulary - Medium sized Police station - 6/7 response cars single crewed - All other services from Ipswich or Bury - An ARV can usually be found at the station, only on certain days.. I think the crew like whichever shift is on those days.
  3. They're called Highways England now Mods coming along great, can't wait to see what you have in store.
  4. Did they say why they were no longer allowed to use them? I'm guessing they've had a few accidents en route to calls..
  5. I like the idea of going towards complex situations, I have a quick question a gameplay suggestion and a call suggestion. The question: Are these call outs still going to have a 'fail' timer? Where as if you take too long on a RTC for example the game classes it as a fail and removes the mission? or will they be running until you remove everything to do with the call out? Gameplay suggestion: Once you receive a call you have to set your status to available in order to receive a new one, this would allow you to return all vehicles and personal to stations, staging points and traffic watch spots before being given another call. Call out suggestion: Minor RTC has taken place; First responding vehicle arrives on scene and evaluates the damage and/or injuries. (Not all RTC's result in injury, some may cause a physical altercation and others just minor damage) After evaluation of scene you get a report "2 vehicles involved minor RTC, 1 person complaining of neck/back pains" This allows you to cancel any vehicles enroute that aren't required or dispatch specialist vehicles (Rescue, Collision Investigation) It also gives you an idea of how you should be approaching the call, neck/back pains require immobilisation and hospital, you may also be required to cut the vehicle open to release the casualty. Police Officers on scene are required to breathalyse drivers involved and theres an off chance that one maybe over the limit? Maybe this chance is higher at night/early morning.
  6. When I get RTC calls, they fail within 30 seconds of me getting the call. So as soon as I get Units on scene it fails.. Is there anyway I can stop this?
  7. Yeah the gearbox on the skoda couldn't handle being driven on response/pursuits. The Volvo V40's that they're currently testing and pictured are much more reliable vehicles. Plus, they look sexy
  8. I believe Airports in Northen Island use Yellow Fire Engines, but in England as far as I know they're red.
  9. It differs from County, in my county if a RTC is called in. The Fire Service sends 1xEngine, If entrapments are reported a specialist rescue vehicle is sent. If there are 2 or more vehicles involved then the first arriving will normally request another Engine.
  10. Also guys, from reading his post he hasn't actually called any of the models "shit" instead what he's saying is he was never going to release the mod with other peoples work in. It's just the way its worded, to put it into perspective. If my mate had left loads of stuff around on the floor I would say "pick up your shit". I'm not calling his stuff shit but It's just a way of saying pick up your stuff.
  11. National Institute of Medical Emergency (Instituto Nacional de Emergência Médica) They manage the EMS in Portugal
  12. I barely got any Police calls, you have to go into your freeplay specs and activate them.
  13. Yeah loose thread was annoying when I first got mine, also dont get caught using those handwarmer pockets. The Adults get stressy
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