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  1. nfspdf


    Well here is all my scanners I have a bc785d the new bcd996xt .The bc296d and a 245xlt .So that all my scanners
  2. nfspdf


    Digital scanner are illegal in SC.Wow I used mine when I was on vaction there .I have a bc296xlt .It worked fine .That new to me .
  3. Well Dallas swat does have a medic truck ambulance and a medic dressed like a swat guy .Here in Charlottle thy have a medic team when something happen thy change into swat medic .Thy tryed to get a truck painted like a swat/medic truck on the side but we just did not have that may trucks LOL .But thy do have them in some towns .
  4. Really bad traffic jams .You can't move anywere .You can't get anywere .I have tryed eveything from cops moving traffic to dirbar on cop cars dude it is really bad .Eather downsize on the cars and truck on the streets our do something .But all I can say about the mod is sweet .All the new cars .Wow .What a great job now that feals like US.Great work .
  5. Great Great new mod .But there is some problems .The unmarked unit you can't take no one back to jail . Sec the streets are to small the traffic get stopped up to much and you can't get to the people in time or fires. The ambulance do not go on patrol thy just sit there .But other then that the game works great .( I have had to use it in the new map )Hazmat in the new map .I have the new e4
  6. I can't find it . Thanks Chris
  7. I can't find it .I have everything else .But I can't find the editor .Could someone help me out of send me a copy of it . Thanks Chris
  8. I made the english lang folder.I install the whole game .It just crashes in freeplay mode .I see all the files . So it should work .
  9. The 1.9 mod .It been awile since I been on here . The game works fine .But in freeplay mod it crashes .I have a fealing it my stupped vista .But who knows . I could use any help . Thanks Chris
  10. I got windows vista .I installed the game it works fine .But when I try freeplay the la 8.0 version it crashes .So what am I doing wrong.Could someone please help me out . Thanks Chris
  11. Me and lash00t0ut made and coverted a base that was made from our site Police Garage .So it can be used in E4 . It was a NFS 4 Car .
  12. Not to get into the middle of it but the crown vic's are mine and mike.Thy are a NFS base .I gave hoppah the ok to use them and now the whole site think thy are free to us .So you know how hoppah would feal if you just come along and just take his cars and trucks and re-skin them . It's just wrong .My crown vic were made for you all to use .But you never ask if you can use them .Thy just pop up .We put alot of work into thoes cars and trucks.You just reskin them .That is easy I can reskin a car in a hour or a truck .You try to make a truck or a car .You would like thoes sub mod posted .That is not a mod .You just reskin hoppah mod and would like to call it your mod .Build your own mod .With your own work .
  13. I thought we where not suppost to mess with Hoppah's cars and truck .Not even reskin them .That was the one big point he made in his rules .Thoes trucks and cars do look really good. But hey it up to you man . Rules are rules.
  14. You have $30 dollers. You need Zmodeler2 if you would like to do a good job .You will need a long time .You will need a good paint program .Not a Cheep program .You will have to build all your own bases except some of the base that are here if you get the ok .There is a nypd fd mod already made so you may what to think about doing another city .But all in all it not that easy .There is alot alot of coding and then the lights .It just alot of work.
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