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  1. Alright, looking at your log file you may have to re-install the game, its unable to find many game files whilst starting up. I would say to do the following: 1- Uninstall game 2- Uninstall drivers 3- Re-install drivers 4- Re-install game Let me know how that goes for you. -Leahcim
  2. It does mention in your dxdiag that your drivers are dated back to 25/11/2010 not sure if that could be the issue, I will have a look at your files and keep you posted -Leahcim EDIT ---- Seeing your logfile, it may be due to your screens set to an irregular resolution, try setting the resolution to defaults, this depends on your graphics card though, I approve of your G15 Keyboard too!
  3. I'm going to stop modding.

    Thanks for making the mod, it gave me hours of fun. If I were the developers I would have paid you for extending the game otherwise it would have been forgotten. Thanks -Michael
  4. Pre-Order Emergency 2012 [Soon]

    Alright, right in time for my birthday Thanks
  5. Pre-Order Emergency 2012 [Soon]

    So when will this get shipped to me?
  6. It is a sub-folder of Wizard Works.

    Refer to this topic -Leahcim
  8. Thank-you very much, this will save alot of people alot of hassel
  9. Drivers Update

    Please Refer to this topic And Yes I would not recommend annoying xplorer.
  10. Yeah ill add that in thanks for the advice Also It would be good if this could be pinned. Alright Ive updated the above links and added Intel's "Download Center"
  11. Ban the person above you!

    I ban yours coz the gold police car is obviously cooler
  12. Hey Everyone, In my short time being on the forums I have noticed that in the technical support section has many people with the issue at start-up regardless the operating system. Ive Started this topic mainly because the section has so many people with the same issue, well the solution is simple. You are required to have the most updated video card drivers for your system. These can be gained from the manufacturers website the two main being: http://www.nvidia.co...obal/global.php For Nvida Series graphic cards AND http://ati.amd.com/support/driver.HTML For ATI Model graphic cards AND http://downloadcente...om/Default.aspx For intel graphic cards // Download Center If after reading this and your still having troubles feel free to post your DirectX Diagnostics File (dxdiag.txt) This can be done by typing "dxdiag" into RUN Prompt. After that select save and save the file to a location where you are able to find it. Then attach it to a post on this section. I hope this helps people, feel free to ask me any questions PERSONS USING WINDOWS 7 & 8 Please note that you may still experience the crash to desktop even though you have the graphics card driver working, EM4/911 - First Responders does not like to work with the default Microsoft loaded device drivers that may have automatically installed or have been gained from Windows update services. You must still download from the above links to fix this problem! //Updated Above Links //Updated Windows 7/8 Details
  13. Its your graphic Card drivers Please post a dxdiag AND a logfile -Leahcim
  14. Ban the person above you!

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  15. Ban the person above you!

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