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Emergency 2 - Walkthrough


Walkthrough for Emergency 2

[pagetitle='Accident at Uncontrolled Train Crossing!']

Mission requirements:
-Secure the accident scene
-Transport all wounded to hospital
-Remove the wreck from the accident scene

Required units:
1 SatCom vehicle
1 Equipment vehicle with 1 firefighter
2 Ambulances with 1 paramedic in each
1 Tow truck

Mission solution:
First of all to do is turn on the stop sign, to do this take the firefighter and click on the switch (located at 1 on the screenshot). Now equip the firefighter with the Jaws Of Life and cut off the trapped person from the wreck (located at 2 on the screenshot). Now take the two paramedics and pickup the victims (located at 2 & 3 on the screenshot). Send them back to base.

Equip the firefighter with the chainsaw and cut away the tree. (located at 4 on the screenshot). Take the tow truck to tow off the wreck and send it back to base. (located at 2 on the screenshot)


Well done, mission completed.

[pagetitle='Elite Soldier Threatens His Family!']

Mission requirements:
-Prevent the soldier from hurting himself and his family

Required units:
1 SatCom vehicle
1 Helicopter with 1 Psychologist and 1 policeman

Mission solution:
First of all drop off the psychologist at the house (See 1) and talk to the soldier (See 2). Once the soldier told you why he wants to hurt himself take the helicopter with the police officer and fly to the island, land next to the swimming pool (See 3) and interrogate the three girls that are next to the swimming pool (See 4).

One of those girls will tell you the location of the soldier's wife, she is on a yacht that will now appear around the left corner of your map. Fly to the yacht with your helicopter (See 5) and give the yacht an order to stop at the next dock (See 6).

The yacht will now sail back to the dock at the island, so fly back with the helicopter and land next to the dock (See 7). Wait on the wife coming out of the yacht and interrogate her, then, arrest her. Put the wife and your officer in the helicopter and land next to the soldier's house (See 1).

Once the helicopter reaches ground, let the wife and the officer exit the helicopter and arrest the wife again. Now you can bring the wife to the house (See 8).

m2_1_thumb.jpg m2_2_thumb.jpg m2_3_thumb.jpg m2_4_thumb.jpg

Well done, mission completed

[pagetitle='Bank Robbery Ends In Hostage Situation!']

Mission requirements:
- Prevent the hostages from being injured or killed!
- Prevent the robbers to escape!
- Prevent civilians being involved!
- Prevent excessive injured emergency personnel!

Required units:
1 SatCom vehicle
1 Escape car
1 Patrol Car with 1 Psychologist
1 Armored police van with 4 shooters

Mission solution:
Incomplete :(

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