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How do I add equipment to a vehicle


How do I add equipment to a vehicle
Open the editor and folow the instructions

Click on CREATE A NEW MOD (if not already done)


Enter your MOD name and click on OK


Load the mod, click on NO if editor asks you to save map


Click on Edit => Scene


Click on Vehicles, select the vehicle category and chose the vehicle then click on EDIT


A new window will open, click on EDIT TRAITS


A new window will open, now you see \"Contained Equipment\", all equipmen with an X in front of it is in the vehicle, just chose the ones you want...


Now click on OK, and close the editor.

Now go in:

[quote]\\sixteen tons entertainment\\Emergency 3\\Mods\\your_mod[/quote]

And copy the Vehicles.xml located in:



[quote]\\sixteen tons entertainment\\Emergency 3\\Data\\Specs[/quote]

*If you have new vehicles in your main vehicles.xml in

[quote]\\sixteen tons entertainment\\Emergency 3\\Data\\Specs[/quote]

You will need to open the 2 xml\'s with an text editor and copy the line for your edited vehcile to keep the other vehicles intact.

Tutorial by Stan
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