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Violent Riots not ending, any idea why?

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I was playing EM4 multiplayer with a friend as I love the game. The first event we got was a violent riot. A big event but I managed to keep all the walking citizens away from the rioters. Then arrested or killed the remaining rioters and took them away to HQ.

I thought that was the entire mission, there were no more rioters and no more arrest people (everything was sent to the HQ) and then the entire mob waiting outside the riot (aka, the people I kept from entering the riot area) walked into the riot area and became rioters themself. Why the hell wasn't the riot already finished after I took everyone away??? Anyone know what I did wrong? This was on the default multiplayer map in the middle-left of the map.

We quit after that, deciding whether to buy Emergency 20 for base game multiplayer.

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