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Problem with Parking Script - german script "Ausrichtung"

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I have a problem with german Parking Script named "Ausrichtung".
I've downloaded file called "Hilfsobjekt_Icon" and "Ausrichtung.scipt".
I've pasted it on MOD/vehicles/objects and MOD/prototypes/objects and script in the script's folder and also in Icons folder (files from Command and Cursor)
After that in the Map Editor I tried to assign Ausrichtung command to my vehicles but I couldn't find any named liked that. I think maybe it's caused by the thing that I hadn't downloaded e4p file named "hilfsobjekte.e4p" but I search all the topics and whole internet and couldn't find any file. Or maybe Im doing wrong?

I want to add that I'm a noob in scripting and modding but I only wanted to add this awesome script to my modification.
If you know any solution please write down. It will really help me. Thank you very much.


Link to the script: https://www.emergency-forum.de/filebase/index.php?entry/2166-ausrichtungsscript/

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