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  1. Solved : https://www.emergency-forum.de/index.php?thread/68902-problem-with-parking-script-german-script-ausrichtung-ausrichtung/#post1076685
  2. Hello,I have a problem with german Parking Script named "Ausrichtung".I've downloaded file called "Hilfsobjekt_Icon" and "Ausrichtung.scipt".I've pasted it on MOD/vehicles/objects and MOD/prototypes/objects and script in the script's folder and also in Icons folder (files from Command and Cursor)After that in the Map Editor I tried to assign Ausrichtung command to my vehicles but I couldn't find any named liked that. I think maybe it's caused by the thing that I hadn't downloaded e4p file named "hilfsobjekte.e4p" but I search all the topics and whole internet and couldn't find any file. Or may
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