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Emergency 5 World Builder - how to package light mod

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On 9-10-2017 at 8:01 PM, C.F.D said:

What the title says. I've updated the Dutch mod with proper emergency environmental lights and I'd like to release it, but how do I package it for download? Thanks. 

I think it's best to package it with "WinRar". As soon as you've downloaded and installed "WinRar" on your computer (a free version will do), right click on the map which contains the complete contents of the map (e.g. "Dutch Mod") you're willing to prepare for package and download. Then the mouse menu will offer you to let "WinRar" create a RAR file with the name of the map of your choice. Then, in this example, the file "Dutch Mod.rar" will be created and ready for you to be uploaded to the forum. There the players should be able to download your file and have it installed.



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Not too easy to say as I dont know which files you have modified at all.

Maybe this could work:

1.Create a new project if you havent (in the Asset Browser)

2.Copy the prefabs of the vehicles that you modified in this project (choose copy without generatting a new GlobalAssetId) [AssetBrowser->RightClick on the file -> "AssetPackage"->"Copy to Asset Package"

3. Right Click on your Project (Asset Browser) -> press "Publish Mod Project"

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