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Editor help!!!

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20 hours ago, Killerconsti said:

just use lowercase letters, numbers and the underscore. So you would need to name your mod like this


china_mod instead of China Mod

Oh!!Thank you very much!!!!

But when I want to import the texture it shows“[QSF error] QSF editor found no local asset datasource for "E:/Emergency 2016/data/china_mod/content/texture/_derived/_material_0_crgb_aa_45290_1_45291_1_18446744073709551615_1.dds". Ensure your imported asset is inside a versioned datasource repository (e.g. Subversion or Git) or there's at least a "datasource" file inside the datasource root directory.” why?

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yeah, you need to add a "Local Asset Source"... this is the place where the files you want to import are stored. It's pretty simple:


Customize->Local Asset Source->Add

then select the folder or the parent folder (might be better) and you are ready for import. Make sure you import textures as .tif format with "power of 2" sizes (512/1024/2048).


Screenshot 2016-12-31 00.45.12.png

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