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Kansas City (MO) Modification [WIP]

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*Disclaimer* I'm not sure if I'm posting this in the correct format, or in the correct topic but hopefully I am. Also, I don't know but who do I ask for permission to release this if it's based off LA Mod 2.1?

Any how it's based off LA Mod 2.1 if you haven't noticed. I'm also getting back into the modding section of emergency 4, so at the moment it won't be much besides some skinning & vehicle replacements. If anyone would like to help, that'd be amazing. Thanks.

Kansas City, Missouri. The place that is both amazingly beautiful yet has an absurd amount of crime. This mod allows you to view the city from a newly disptacher's perspective, of course with some extra fun & laughter. This mod will contain all sorts of departments ranging from Kansas City Police Department or KCPD which includes units from the K9, Traffic, homicide/gang divisions. The fleet will hopefully include Crown victorias, Dodge chargers, Taurus', and tahoes for Patrol. Traffic will have the same just with a reflective vest, and a few unmarked/slicktop crusiers. Homicide/gang will have completely unmarked units. Swat will have a S.W.A.T. truck, and a ford express truck. *Hopefully* I'll also be doing a few Missouri Highway Patrol vehicles which would just be patrol, and have a tahoe & charger. 

For city works, we'd have MoDOT as the engineers/motor assist. And have some company as the towing department. 

For fire, we'll obviously have Kansas City Fire department as the main with multiple units. Pumper, Rescue, Engine, Ladder, Truck etc.

For EMS, it'll be apart of KCFD which will be housed at a KCFD station but there'll also hopefully be a separate house just for EMS. 

We'll also have mutual aid for all departments (PD, Fire, EMS) which is basically a mutual agreement between cities that if there's a incident and the city doesn't have enough units to spare, or send another citie's units respond & assist. It's done in all places of the U.S. Like California or the KC Metro for example; If there's a pursuit a city sends a couple of it's units for the pursuit so they don't use up all their resources, and then a few cars from every county around sends one or two units to assist. I'll try and add this, which would be from all sorts of citys from the KC Metro like Overland Park, Merriam, Lenexa, Olathe, etc. Just a car or two from each PD, and FD. 


Keep in mind, I'm the only one doing all this at the moment. So it's going to take awhile to get alot of this setup or even close to being setup. I don't know much besides skinning & replacing vehicles so alot of this at the moment is just a dream but hopefully someone can help & make it happen.



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Kind of late, but if your still doing some work here and there on it i am willing to do some work aswell, i dont know much besides skinning as you do, but i also live in the KC Area so i have 1st hand experience with a lot of the FD stuff.

I was actually trying to decide if i wanted to make a KC mod myself this morning but while looking for models i found this post.

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