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Oslo, Norway Mod (Private)

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As a firefighter in OBRE i just love the pictures i`ve seen so far . it would have been awesome to tryed this one out .

PS the old firebus (91) is becoming a command central so there would be an idea gettingin the mod ;-)

I'll do my best to have it released someday. Do you have any more info or pictures on the new one? I'm confused about the numbers.. Currently the no. 91 is a fire engine, but a few years back, the bus was 91, what number does the bus have now? 4X are reserve vehicles, so I assume 41? I did skin it a while back, but gave it 71.post-29204-0-92459000-1353907130.jpgpost-29204-0-56879900-1353907154_thumb.j

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Some new units ready:


post-29204-0-17617000-1355422476.jpg post-29204-0-17571000-1355422482.jpg post-29204-0-81861700-1355422486.jpg Thanks to firefighter92 for the photos


The red and white ambulance is taken straight out of a hungarian mod, skin and lights included, so this will probably not be released in my final version.

Have a few other vehicles in production now, including a new passat police car with the new design (model and lights taken from copenhagen mod) (not asked for permission yet).

All "old" police cars are now fixed with correct lightbars, minor skin adjustments etc. +++ Lots of minor tweaks here and there as usual.

Have a few major problems right now that needs to be resolved:

*Replacing tiller and aerial ladder with european ladders causes CTD

*When paramedics try to pick up patients with a stretcher, they just bend up and down for eternity (animation hangs up)

*I am sick, and not motivated to do anything

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Since I'm in Halden, (border town to Sweden) more or less ever week, I meet the customs quite often. At the largest border crossing for vehicles in Norway they usually just use unmarked black Passats. (as far as I've seen anyway.) Norwegian customs are not allowed to use bluelights, but they have enquired about it, so probably within a year or two. As usual they probably have to spend a couple million for meetings and bs for politicians to decide.^^

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Got well, got to work! Result:


Not finished yet, but looking pretty good so far I think. The ML is based on a GLK, since there are no GLK models around afaik. Passat is stolen from Copenhagen mod.Need help with lights if anyone is interested. Both normal and bluelights. I just can't do the polygon thing without it looking bad..

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