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Trouble with people connecting via multiplayer

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So, I have a few questions on how to create multiplayer games. I'm trying to create a server on LAN for several people to play on. None of them can find my game. I am using the stock LA Mod, as well as trying other mods. I cannot access the router settings to change ports or anything like that.

Any suggestions? I've clicked private game, public game, and tried with and without passwords. We cannot find the game I create on either web, lan, or direct connect, but I can see other games on the net.

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I had the same problem, turned out that the first time, I had done something to the original files in the data folder.. had to re-install the whole game..

then it happened again, then it turned out that I had done something to the mod..

To sum up, your files has to be EXACT the same as the ones you are trying to play with... a empty readme or an empty folder can ... you know kcuf it up :P

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