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So I gave up on atari support and gave into buying it off amazon. well now i have no graphics. seems like im not the only one. here a comment i found with the same issue. I have window 7 and im despreate to get it to work. and help would be nice.

I have only heard good things about this game and thought it would be much easier to just download the game. I was wrong. This was my first download and probably my last. The game downloaded very fast and I thought I was all set to go. I loaded the game and when I went to play the graphics were nothing but a black screen with the road lines. I believe it is a problem with the download. Also, part of the download was missing. This game should have a Mod Installer for different modifications. Amazon was very helpful in pointing me who to contact so I did. The maker of this game (Atari) has not answered any of my support requests for the game and I have seen online that they are not good about responding or at customer service. There is no phone number for them either.

I reccomend that you do not download this and try to get the game in stores or a hard copy from Amazon

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