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  1. Hiya guys; I'm trying to make some personal edits to the London Mod V1.3, but any edits I make don't show up in the game. I've attempted to modify the sound files in Audio/FX and the image files for people in Models, but it's still remaining as default despite the fact I've saved over those files? Not sure what that's about. Added context, when I uninstalled some mods a few months ago, a couple of them remained with the green wrench symbol; this has persisted despite me completely reinstalling the game from a DVD, so that might have something to do with it? Any help would be appreciated, thanks. :]
  2. Thanks for answering. Take your time, I'm sure the mod will be great.
  3. Nice to hear you're still alive! Take as much time as you need, I'm sure it'll be great, and DON'T sacrifice your mental health for a project, I learnt that the hard way. Thanks for giving us a little update. Few lil questions: - Will Highways England have traffic officers in this game? - Will there be any radiation or biological callouts? - What role will coastguard play?
  4. It's no problem mate. I understand how life is. It's gonna be a great mod, and that takes time. Take all the time you need.
  5. Ok, thanks for letting me know. I understand that, and It's totally fine.
  6. Hi. It's been a while since someone last posted on this thread. I just wanted to ask if this project is still being worked on. Many thanks.
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