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    Mission Level

    The Solution : Navigate to Emergency 2017\data\em5\gamedata\em5_specs\default and open up specs file. Replace the MaxEventLimit and WonEventsForIncrease lines with:"MinEventLimit": "1","MaxEventLimit": "1","WonEventsForNotDecrease": "1","WonEventsForIncrease": "1", And that should do the trick! I tired only changing the values, but that did not work, so you have to add these, remember to backup for files before starting just in case.
  2. xAIMx

    Mission Level

    Sorry, my bad! Should have looked more closely where I posted! A lot of these games get's me confused Anyways, I found a file and changed the events from 4 to 1, gonna head on it and check it out! Thanks for the helpful pointer!
  3. Hello, I'm Energency 2017, there is a Mission Level in free play. I would like to know if it's possible to make it stay at 1? So that there will only be 1 emergency at a time? Maybe an option or map, or even a mod? Any help is appreciated!
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