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  1. Hi, so I updated my GPU drivers and it still crashes to desktop.
  2. I have BFEMP 1.2 with the english patch, and a high end computer with a nvidia graphics card, so specs shouldn't be a problem. But when I load tutorial and when they tell me to initialize the fire station 1, the game crashes to the desktop. I've attached the log file of when the crash happens. logfile.txt logfile.txt
  3. thanks a lot bro Sorry for bugging, but I have another doubt. How do we find the srf lines to match the name of the picture files?
  4. Hi, I'm v_emfan and I'm new to this forum. Actually I downloaded a package for the german SWAT Team and all models came in a png file which couldn't be packed by the em4 editor. Any help would be appreciated.
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