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  1. I really appreciate your help. If it wasn't for you, i would still be looking overall for solutions. And that would take a lot of my time, that i could use to have fun. I actually also gave up myself. And it really sucks, that the developers only care about money. Because it's a great game, but they aren't keeping their promises. It's just weird, that it works for other people? Like, i've only seen german people, on youtube, playing multiplayer. But, that's probably not why.
  2. Well. Most people can't play Multiplayer. And the developers doesn't give a shit. Including me and my friends. I would as well, if i could.
  3. My friend looked at his files, and found this error in the logs. [2015-07-28 00:42:10][QSF warning] QSF port forwarding manager: Failed enable NAT at external port "42007": "UnknownError"That's the primary "reason", right?Now how, do i fix that?.
  4. But the last patch was 4 months ago? Do you mean like 1.3.*? Do you know when/if they are going to fix it?
  5. Hello. I'm having trouble with the steam version, of Emergency 5. No servers are showing up, in the server list. And when i'm trying to create one(host), it tells me it's "Unable to connect". I've tried port-forwarding 42007, and allowed it as'well in my firewall. No luck there. Is it a problem everyone's having, or is it just me and my friend?. And how, do i fix it?.
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