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  1. Hi all ! Urban and forest fire truck. Multipurpose engine assuring urban fire group and forest fire group. Made in France Renault D Truck model Vehicle : Mich Texture : Me Canon model : BSPP Mod Coil model : BSPP Mod Ladder model : Chidea Roll bar model : Me
  2. Hi all ! Today a forest fire truck IVECO Eurocargo 150-280 MAGIRUS Camiva model Vehicle :Gandia Mod Textur : mich Canon model : Bayern Submod Haspel model : Chidea good weekend
  3. Hi! Second model EPA = Ladder engine Renault Truck D16 Vehicle Model : Chidea, 911Lukas911 Model texture : me
  4. Hi everybody! I create a french submod with a "Bayern Submod" base. Modification based on french emergency. Sorry for my bad english . First vehicule : an urban fire truck. Chassis : Renault Truck D16 Credits : Vehicule Model by DrShooter234456, Leitstelle-Nord-Ost, Florian Heinsberg, Waegi, xaviberlin, Chidea, Carli96, Eagle's Eye Model texture by me Lightbar model by Kai Hahn Coils by CSP Mod
  5. Thank's ! I test with LA mod hospital but now when i click in "vcmd hospital". Ambulance don't move...
  6. I everybody, I have a problem witch "to hospital script". I install this. I create virtual objects. (hosp_entry, hosp_entrance and hosp_park1,2,3) I add command "vcmd to hospital" at my ambulance in my personnal mod. But in game, my ambulance go to hospital entrance but my paramadic don't come to hospital_entry Help me please (Sorry for my bad english) Thank's
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