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  1. Mines been fine up until injured person on the runway, I either get no plane spawn or I the plane is there but with 3 injured on, as soon as I open the callout menu it CTDs
  2. My download is working fine, the unpacked version. Quick question, how do you end suspicious package mission?
  3. Just a heads up, don't know if it's my side, but when I clink the link it directs back to emergency planet, works on copy/paste however, can't wait to try it out
  4. Small thing; when you first go to equip medics with medic bags the game generates a script error, easily enough to tab out and ignore, just thought I'd mention it!
  5. Is this to be treated as a new mod or just added to the last mod folder?
  6. Is there a guide on how to do that? To personnel or vehicles
  7. There's an issue I've found with the tow truck, when trying to go across the front of the police station, past where the cars go to drop the people off, and because it has no driver I have to try and redirect round the opposite way to get to the RTC that happens on the corner
  8. Could you possibly look at re-skinning the airport truck off LA Mod for the airport?
  9. An easy way to pass the interim between the missions is to use cheats. Just 'magic' or 'fairz' (Deluxe on English keyboard) Then 'Ctrl+Shift+F11 = 100.000 Credits' then buy off the menu. This link will be helpful http://forum.emergency-planet.com/index.html/_/emergency-series/emergency-4/emergency-4-cheats-r12
  10. Unsure on a solution but there are the following errors in your logfile; '?ERROR: dynlight.vsf Version or higher required!' '?ScanVehicles: mod:Units/Vehicles/Police/250lapdhelicopter/unit.xml not found or error in file' '?ScanVehicles: mod:Units/Vehicles/TEC/130bulldozer/unit.xml not found or error in file' '?ScanVehicles: mod:Units/Vehicles/Police/250lapdhelicopter/unit.xml not found or error in file' '?ScanVehicles: mod:Units/Vehicles/TEC/130bulldozer/unit.xml not found or error in file' '?ERROR: Model mod:Models\Objects\Construction\constrsign does not contain version number information.' Mostly to do with missing vehicles, but I'm unsure on the top error, a quick search of the forum led me to this page, might be worth trying! http://forum.emergency-planet.com/topic/3755-problem-with-em4-on-vista/
  11. I tried using a key logger, but it didn't replicate the auto scroll on any mod that I loaded, so hopefully it's a permanent fix! Thanks again
  12. I tired without the keyboard plugged in, and just went through the normal interface, it worked fine. Then i tired booting with the keyboard plugged and it worked fine, so most likely a blip with my keyboard! But booting without the keyboard in seemed to solve the problem for it booting the Kent Mod, will try again with one of the other mods that it happened in and let you know. Thanks! So the fix works even on reboot, so just need to reload any mods that I had the issue with and do that with no keyboard and they all work fine after!
  13. [Apologies for the double post] I've tried the following and it hasn't worked, it even affects me in campaign too, click okay to load mod and again for mission and don't touvh my mouse/keyboard and it still occurs, still restricted to Kent and Mayberry mod, but is now affecting Barcelona mod. I can't find my disk so haven't tried a reinstall yet!
  14. When starting either a new free play or loading an existing free play, my game loads fine. But as soon as it loads into the game the map auto scrolls; none of my keys are jammed and pausing or going to main menu doesn't fix it. It has recently happened on Mayberry 1.5, but not 1.2 and Kent Mod. Admin; I have tired searching the forum, but I couldn't think of different wording that would explain it (sorry if it's already existing)
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