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  1. Hi there

    Are there any plans to update London Mod v1.3 to current MET, LAS & LFB fleet and also some new/different callouts etc ?

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  2. Dear Modders As an avid fan of the above mentioned mod, I was wondering if there was any plans to update the mod to current MET POL, LAS and LFB current fleet specifications ?
  3. Thanks for the replies peeps, everything is installed fine and the mods are great. Just a quick question regarding the London Mod. Which unit do i despatch to defuse a bomb ? and also what strategy should i use for riots ? as the first one i dealt with i deployed TSG and just ended up with endless number of people/officers injured and had to resort to CO19 shooting them lol
  4. Hi ive just noticed that 911 First Responders has been released on steam. Please can you tell me if this was called Emergency 4 on UK release ? and will EM4 Mods work if i buy the game ? I originally purchased Emergency 4 in the uk on PCCDROM but when i moved house i lost the disc. And now the only replacement i can find is on amazon for £60 !
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