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  1. I did save the file yes. The way I make the UVs is by marking the Seams and then unwrapping it. Then I place it where I want the UV to be. Then Export Directly to V3O, I have also tryed exporting it to OBJ or 3DS first and then to V3O. But that still does not work. The weird thing is that the UV from the truck stays normal, but the UVs I made go all weird... Also I am not that experienced with Blender or any 3d moddeling software.. So it could be something that I am doing wrong
  2. Once I unwrapped it I just pressed Export and then to V3O, Directly from the blender file
  3. Hello! I am currently trying out some things to understand the process of making a mod in EM4. I have downloaded a vehicle from the download section on this website and tryed adding and chaning things. When I removed the back of the truck completly and made my own and UV unwrapped It all looked alright in blender. But once I exported it to V3O and imported it back into blender the whole UV I made is messed up. While the front of the truck stayed intact. Does anyone know what the problem could be? and how to fix it. Model in blender (Not exported yet)
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