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  1. Seems like its kind of commom problem for all mod creator around the world .Well,as a Chinese em4 player,same thing had happened to us,about a year ago,there was a anchor fromKUAI SHOU (sth is similar to TIK TOK).Had steal two mods about China,Which were relased for free. and then sold them (YES,the whole mod),and declared that he is the creator of those two mods .Unfortunatelly there were some noob bought his word.However this man get away with any pounishment at thant moment(Recently, his KUAISHOU account had been baned,HOWEVER,hi sitll could reach others by qq(a chat app)). BTW, I dont konw if any of you guys still remeber the Chiense mod project:wzc mod,it is still WIP and now on alpha 3.0 test,Im not creator so I wont give any image
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