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  1. I keep watching tutorials on how to mod, but they arent helping, I just want to make a simple sub mod, use another mods vehicles but reskin them. thats all
  2. Please add atleast 1 smaller station on the map that includes a rescue and a utility. And I found a bug where the life guards were not able to save a drowning person, I tried making the life guards swim to the drowning person but instead they were sitting their pointless
  3. New Miami mod has broken lighting. I have tried using the coronas files it provided in the winrar folder but didnt work.
  4. I am looking for someone to teach me and 2 of my friends the basics to making a mod. Please add me on discord: TearsFallen#5166
  5. I wanna make a mod for EM4 but IDk where to start.
  6. I am trying to make a new LA Submod, but I am not sure how, can someone teach me the basics of how I start off?
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