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  1. Well i tried to install the drivers but it said that my drivers contain versions newer than the version i was about to install.
  2. I don't really know how to check if i use the integrated graphics card. I'm kinda a noob at computer tech,so... And i tried disabling some codecs with that tweaking tool,but it still doesn't work..
  3. I removed ffdshow,but i can't remove CinePak,it doesn't appear in the control panel uninstall/change program and i can't find the folder, any help ?
  4. Hello guys,i have a problem with Emergency 4,after i open it, there is a black screen for a short time and then it just closes,without any error or anything like that. I tried running it in compatibilty mode, and i re-installed it. But it still doesn't work. The thing is that around 1 year ago on the same computer the game worked perfectly. I don't know why it stopped doing so. Here is the logfile: Init Filesystem... Registered FS device "local" Registered FS device "base" Registered FS device "lang" Init UpdateChain... Init Timer... Init Screen... Init Script
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