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  1. is there a way to change the camera movement from the arrow keys to the W A S D keys? i know its probably in the files but where? i have it on steam btw
  2. nevermind it does work, the save system was just confusing to me, im good now
  3. When i save my game in Emergency 2 it all looks fine, it shows up in the load menu, but when i quit the game and re-launch it the save is gone, theres just nothing there and i need to start from the very first mission again If it wasnt for this i would actually play this game, but because it is then i feel very discouraged to play it because whats the point if im just gonna be repeating the same couple of missions over and over and over again, i dont have time to reach the end of the game in one sitting Is this a common issue? is there a fix for it? if so please tell me, i would love to play this game but i just cant
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