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  1. After playing several missions on the default game I was wondering if you can do the full campaign with the London Mod. The reason for asking is the London mod doesn't have a bridge laying vehicle so I can't think of a way to complete the bridge collapse mission or the broken levee. I'm guessing that there will be several other mission critical vehicles missing aswell so was just curious
  2. sorry for sounding like a total amateur, which one is the pump operator and how do i keep him on the side of the vehicle, thanks though
  3. When i installed the London mod i had several weeks where it ran perfectly. Now though when i deploy my fire crews and get them to set up the hoses, it then wont let me use them, there is no icon over the fire when i hover the mouse over the fire and the fire crews become unresponsive. But it will let me use the fire extinguishers no problem which aren't as good as the fire hoses. Also when i check the fire engine it says its water levels are at 100% so i know the appliances aren't empty. any help would be great.
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