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  1. Stop with the concerns. We will release the pack once we finish ALL of the units we need to do first. It will be out this summer.
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  2. Version 1.0.0


    Mack Cf fire engine booth with open cab and closed long cab FDNY style. Containing: Mack CF open Cab: Booth as original engine and as single cab. Mack CF 6 man Full Cab: As Engine with short front bumper. And as single cab booth with long and short bumpers. Mack CF Chilrden: Front flasher (single), long lightbar and short lightbar. And side axes for the cab. Paintjobs included: FDNY 70's , FDNY 80's and late FDNY 90's/ FOAM Credits: RD_Saarland for original open cab mod, Rachammer for modified Long cab and texturing. License: see read me inside
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  3. Version 1.0


    The First release of Helping Peter In the mod you get the chance to play as a Danish First Responder trying to save injured peoples lives untill ambulances arrive. The mod will most cartainly put your first aid knowledge to the test!
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  4. 5,159 downloads

    The first alpha of the scotland mod.contains 2 ems units, 4police units, 6 firetruck units, 1tec unit.The alpha mod is Bugfree:This is because this small alpha only replaces some units.Have fun.**GB Modding team**Fixed versions contains:3 light plans for;MidlumRange roverMondeo
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