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[EM5] New Dutch Mod BETA 3 Beta 3.0

About This File



Informatie -bestand in de Nederlandse taal: https://mega.nz/#!1lRgHBDZ!bvaeFlSwoZQhrfulXm_Xj18YFe1zswJwcAxfbRbX2es

It's finally here- the Dutch Mod is up and running again!

Keep in mind that this is a beta- so don't complain when you see that a feature is yet to be added, or a texture isn't right...


Here is a copy of the readme:




Read this first please, for goodness sakes.

COPYRIGHT: Welcome to the Dutch Mod 3.0. This mod was created and is the intellectual property of the author, who is known as Ben12. Do not redistribute this modification: It is illegal to do so. You are allowed to make your own, private modifications to the mod. However you must keep them to yourself and may not share it with any other person except the author of the original modification. Thank you for paying attention to this legal paragraph.

INSTALLATION: Simply move the .zip file named ben12_dutch_mod to the modifications area of the modifications tab from your Emergency 5 or Emergency 2016 launcher. No additional installation required.

HOW TO PLAY: Each time that you open the launcher, please make sure that the square next to "ben12_dutch_mod" is highlighted. Then continue as normal and select any freeplay map or campaign mission to play.


-Most vehicles reskinned with Dutch logos. 
+More to be added in 3.1.

-Vehicle person files have been edited for smoother, easier gameplay. For example, fire trucks now have 6 firemen (like in real life).

-Specs editing, especially when it comes to gunfights. Guns will now do realistic damage.

-Paramedic healing. No longer do you have to send out both the doctor and the ambulance out for the poor guy who had a heart attack on the street and block said street up.
+This is a workaround until I figure out what happened to the single paramedic unit in EM5. It's there, but it's not THERE, if you get the jist of it.

-A lot of other things I don't care to mention and don't need to


Frozen-One: For creating the original Dutch Mod. Without his original work this would not be possible.

Ropie58: For assistance with Dutch realism and community support.

TheNorthernAlex: For Youtube review. Find his channel at: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3lwceVh3UnXJMjEZaRZAsg



Thanks, and enjoy the Dutch Mod


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