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Where you will find full modifications for Emergency 5.

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  1. The Netherlands Mod

    The Netherlands Mod v1.0.1.
    Please take note, this is an early version. More information about The Netherlands Mod can be found here:
    Republishing this modification without permission is strictly prohibited. Appropriate actions will be taken, if needed.



  2. New Creek - Project

    New Creek is a fictional metropolis in the USA. To manage all the tasks in a vibrant city you can use several units with different specialisations.
    For the latest information subscribe our facebook-page
    What can you expect for version 0.0.8
    extraction of the new map new streets new buildings city parks realistic watertank detailed american vehicles engine ladder resuce cpc-unit ambulance patrol car multiplayer-mode ambulance signals by DrDrummer and RK-1000; Ford crown by NNico
    special thanks to KillerConsti for his plugin



  3. [EM5] New Dutch Mod BETA 3

    REPORT ALL BUGS HERE:  http://goo.gl/forms/yZFqshmJz1 I WILL NOT HELP YOU OTHERWISE!
    Informatie -bestand in de Nederlandse taal: https://mega.nz/#!1lRgHBDZ!bvaeFlSwoZQhrfulXm_Xj18YFe1zswJwcAxfbRbX2es
    It's finally here- the Dutch Mod is up and running again!
    Keep in mind that this is a beta- so don't complain when you see that a feature is yet to be added, or a texture isn't right...
    Here is a copy of the readme:
    Thanks, and enjoy the Dutch Mod



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