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This FAQ is meant to answer questions about the EM4 gameplay. It consists of the following subjects


-versions available

-where to buy

*gameplay issues

-units not visible on edge of the map

-shooters shoot each other

-finding objects under water

-scrolling the vehicles menu

-creating a group of units

*shortcuts & cheats

-keyboard shortcuts

-camera controlls

-known cheats

-cheats not working

*windows Vista

-compatibility EM4 and Vista



-mission 5: bridge collapse

-mission 7: hacker causes blackout

-mission 11: fire at oil rig

-mission 13: disaster in open pit

-mission 14: crash in freeway tunnel

-mission 16: terrorists attack safe house

-mission 20: earthquake



-changing freeplay events

-stopping car thieves

-rabid dog event

-broken hydrant event (EM4 Deluxe only)

-bird flu event (EM4 Deluxe only)

[The EM4 GAME FAQ is complete]

© 2008 www.emergency-planet.com and related sites.

Nothing from this FAQ may be cited, reproduced or distributed in any way by other sites (except www.emergency-planet.com and related sites) without written permission of the author and www.emergency-planet.com.

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What versions of Emergency 4 are available?

The full name of Emergency 4 is Emergency 4 Global fighters for life. This game version is available in a lot of languages (French, German, English, Russian, etc.). Next to Emergency 4 there is also a game called 911: first responders. This is the American version of Emergency 4 it's exactly the same as emergency 4 only the language is (American) English and the publisher is different.

Then there is a game called Emergency 4 Deluxe. This is the Emergency 4 game with some extra's like a few new missions, extra events in freeplay/challenge mode and a different freeplay map. And last but not least there is also a game available called Emergency 4 Gold edition. This exists of two games: the normal version of Emergency 3 and the Deluxe version of Emergency 4.

All the versions of Emergency 4 are based on the same game: Emergency 4. So if I keep talking about Emergency 4 (EM4) in this FAQ you could just as easily read 911: first responders (911: FR) or Emergency 4 Deluxe (EM4D).

Where can I buy Emergency games?

Check out this topic (click). Or you could just google "buy Emergency 4" and you might find a store near you that has it available.

Edited by pyrothijs

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Gameplay issues

I called my units and I heard them say 'on the scene' but I can't see them, what's wrong?

Probably nothing is wrong; the units are just out of reach of the camera. When you turn the camera around (try a few different angles) or zoom you should see the unit. When there's a unit 'stuck' at the entry point and he's blocking the access for the other vehicles then you should try to send the unit that's 'stuck' back to base. It usually works and the other vehicles will enter the map. If it doesn't work you're only option is to restart the mission, sorry.

When I order a group of shooters to shoot a suspect they stand in front of each other and get wounded by each others bullets. Is there something I can do?

Apart from manually making sure they don't stand in front of each other, there isn't much you can do. Using two or three police officers max makes it al lot easier to stop officers from firing on each other.

I can't find an object that is under water (car, barrel), what can I do about it?

Usually when a car is lying in the water it will be indicated by skidmarks that divert from the road into the water. The car will probably be near there. You can tell a diver to dive in the area and he will attach a red balloon to the object so you can locate it more easily.

If that doesn't work you can always click and drag a selection square over the water (just like selecting a group of units). When you stop holding the left mouse button the under water object will be selected. You can see its green energy bar very clear. Now you know where you need to tell the diver to dive.

How do I scroll through the vehicles menu?

You can click on the two square buttons in the bottom of the vehicle menu. Or you can use the scroll wheel on your mouse. In the normal game (so without mods loaded) there is no need to scroll thorugh the vehicle menu. The option therefore isn't available in the normal game.

How do I create a group of units in the game?

You can create a group of units and give them a number. If you press that number you will automaticly select that group and be able to give them commands etc. It works with personnel and vehicles, it even works with a single unit. You can create the group by using the following command pannel:


Select the units you want in a group by clicking and dragging. Then press button 1 to start group mode. Next press one of the numbered buttons in section 2 to assign a number to the group. You can now use that number to call the group. You can also assign a number to a single unit the same way.

Edited by pyrothijs

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Keyboard shortcuts & cheats

What shortcuts are there in EM4?

-You can use the numbers 1 till 6 to call a group of units (after you've formed them as described above).

-The 0 on the numeric keypad can be used to send vehicles back to base.

-You can press P to pause the game, if you want to continue you need to click on the pause screen with your mouse.

-Press N to toggle between all vehicles, if you find the vehicle you're looking for keep pressing N to zoom in on and track that unit.

-You can press the TAB button to call the mission objectives window and reread your briefing.

-The HOME key (or POS1 key) moves the camera to the point on the map where you're vehicles enter the scene.

-You can turn the lights of a vehicle off by selecting the vehicle and pressing SHIFT + B (together), you can switch them on again by selecting the vehicle and pressing B.

-You can use the F1 till F4 keys to open or close the vehicle menu of the fire department (F1), police (F2), rescue services (F3) and technical vehicles (F4).

-You can quicksave your game using the F5 key, you can load your most recent quicksave by pressing F9.

-Press ESCAPE to open the options menu.

With what keystrokes can I control the camera?

-Use the Arrow keys to move around the map.

-You can use the page up and page down keys to pan the camera changing you're perspective on the mission area.

-If you press ENTER on the numeric key pad the camera will return from zoom mode to the standard position.

-You can use the + and - keys on the numeric keypad to zoom in and out.

-You can press CTRL and the left and right arrow keys to turn the camera

Are there any cheats for Emergency 4?

Yes there are, you can find them here (click).

I looked at the page with cheats named above but the cheats aren't working how is that possible?

There are different types of keyboards in the world. Germany (where the game is made) has another type then the standard keyboard. The keyboards are divided by looking at the top row of letters. These are three main types:

-QWERTZ keyboard (German), if you have this keyboard you are supposed to type: fairy

-QWERTY keyboard (standard), if you have this type of keyboard you are supposed to type: fairz

-AZERTY keyboard (French), if you have this type of keyboard you are supposed to type: fqirw

Another reason why the cheats don't work can also be that you did something between typing fairy and pressing the cheat code. If you click your mouse or of you press another letter on your keyboard the cheat won't work. In that case try again. Also remember: you need to type fairy during the game (so don't press ESC first!).

Edited by pyrothijs

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Windows Vista

Is EM4 compatible with Windows Vista?

Yes, both EM3 and EM4 run on the 32 and 64 bit version of Windows Vista Home Basic. But because Vista has very high security standards you need to make sure that both your PC and your game are in tiptop condition before you can play. A few hints (from the FAQ on the main site by Stan):

-Run EM4 in compatibility mode or on high priority

-Run the game as an administrator

-Give all users on your computer full rights to acces the Emergency 4 folder

-Install the latest video and sound card drivers

-DO NOT install any codec packs like K-LITE or samsung mobile phone software (all codec packs with MPG1 software).

-Try disabling your antivirus software or firewall

You can find more information about it in this topic (click) by Stan and MIkesphoto's. You can also ask any questions about problems with EM4 and Vista here.

Edited by pyrothijs

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Is there a walkthrough for Emergency 4?

Yes there is one, but it isn't completed 100%. You can find it on our main site (click).

Mission 5: bridge collapse

Is there a way to stop the bridge from collapsing?

No there isn't. After you've build the pontoon bridge the bridge on the other side of the river is scripted to collapse. You can however make sure divers etc. are all ready at the side of the bridge so you can help the victims as soon as possible. Preventing anyone from dying.

Mission 7: hacker causes blackout

Where is the net services building?

It's a big building north east of the intersection where the crashed truck is at the start of the mission. It has the net services logo on top. See the screenshot:


Where can I find the hacker?

First have the engineer enter the netservices building. He'll inform you the hacker has a satelite on his roof. The hacker is in a one storie house on the west side of the map. So look for such a house with a satelite on top. If the building can be enterd by a police officer you have found the right building.

BTW: you do need to let a firefighter destroy the door with an axe before you can actually enter the building.

A walkthrough for this mission can be found here (click).

Mission 11: Fire at oil rig

Can I stop the oil rig from exploding?

Yes you can. You need to use the tech department helicopter to let an engineer down on the oil rig. There are four valves you need to shut down with the engineer. You can recognize them by the flashing red lights near there controll boxes. You can land the heli on the helipad to let the engineer back in. After that the engineer can evacuate the wounded workers with the helicopter.

Mission 13: disaster in open pit

How do I prevent the fires from spreading?

Use a water tender to cool the monster truck that is smoking near the lake. Use two more water tenders to extinguish the trains and prevent them from catching fire after you've extinghuished them. You can use an engineer to let the trains drive away (the controll box is at the north side of the map). The trains will only drive away when they're not on fire. Use a vehicle with hose connections and the tender that was cooling the monster truck to prevent the fires in the buildings next to the train track from spreading.

I can't find all the victims, please help!

Some of the victims are buried under the debris in the south of the map. Use search dogs to find them and a crane to lift up the debris. Also one of the victims is trapped in a small box of some sort, fire fighters need to rescue him using the jaws of life.

Some buildings can be enterd, in these buildings there are also some victims. If there are (healthy) people in there you need to evacuate them because of the smoke inside the buildings (their health will slowly decrease and they will become wounded victims).

Near the burning monster truck a car has driven into the water. Use a diver to find the car and a crane to lift the car onto land. A fire fighter can rescue the driver with the jaws of life.

Mission 14: crash in Freeway tunnel

Can I stop the tunnel from collapsing?

No you can't, you can however prevent any victims by moving all civilians away from the tunnel entrance

The fires are all out, but the smoke won't clear. The tips say I need to fix the ventilation system, how do I do that?

On the right hand side about halfway up the tunnel there is a door. Behind the door is the tunnel's controll room. You can open the door with a firefighter. An engineer can activate the ventialtion system by pressing the big red button on the desk. BTW: do not forget to treat the injured tunnel operator in that room.

Mission 16: protection for top informant

How do I arrest/neutralize the terrorists?

There are two ways: first you can send in snipers and place them at the cliff near the cabin. They can shoot all the terrorists coming to the cabin. The second way is to lay down spike strips near the entry roads of the forrest. The terrorists will get out of the van. You can use shooters to arrest them after throwing a flash bang. You can also place an armoured personnel carrier (SW) near the terrorists vans. They will shoot the SW but it's bullet proof, your shooters can now arrest them without much danger.

How do I controll the fires?

Place two water tenders and an equipment truck (all fully staffed) near the south of the village and two tenders and an equipment truck (fully staffed) near the north of the village. The fire fighters from the tenders need to get hoses and need to walk as far into the forrest as possible. The can stop the fire spreading towards the villages. The fire fighters from the equipment truck need to get out chainsaws and cut down any trees near the edge of the village. Also watch the sparks coming from some trees: the fires can spread to the areas where they land: make sure a fire fighter or tender cools those areas.

Mission 20: Earthquake!

Help me, I can't controll the fires

The trick is to surround the fires using water tenders. The fire near the road isn't that big a deal. If you place two water tenders here and let the firemen with hoses go to the other side of the park, this fire will die out. The fire in the office building to the east of the first fire is more complicated, you need to attack that fire from two sides using four water tenders and fire fighters with hoses. Two of them stand on the east side of the building and two of them on the west side. Especially make sure the fire doesn't spread to other buildings.

The fire in the north is the hardest one to controll The best you can do is surround the entire block with water tenders and vehicles with hose connections. Especially the houses north of the burning block (towards where the oil spill is leading) are at risk of catching fire. You can cool both the oil spill and the adjectent buildings in the north with fire fighters manned with hoses.

All right now the fires are under controll, but a building is threathing to collapse. What building is it and how do I save everyone?

The building is in the east of the map near a square. There are a lot of people standing next to it. You can use the police officers to move the crowd away from the building. Make sure everybody is at the other end of the square when the building collapses. Also check if there aren't any 'extra' victims. It's this building:


After the earthquake I rescued all the people and put out all fires but the mission won't end. What can I do?

The mission consists of two parts. The earthquake is only the first part of the mission. After you've rescued all victims and put out all fires a new part of the map will open and a second emergency

(tsunami and looters)
will appear. You will also have to handel that emergency to complete the mission. This part is a little easier then the earthquake part since you allready had a similar mission
(The broken dam)
. Edited by pyrothijs

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Can you save the Freeplay or the Challenge game?

Yes you can save both your freeplay and challenge games. If you press ESC, choose go to main menu. Now choose save game and you can save your freeplay/challenge game just like in a mission. You can load the game like you load any normal game. This is even possible in mods! In both modes you can also save your final score when you end the mission.

I want to change the number of times an event happens in freeplay, or the number of cars I can call during freeplay what should I do?

Mikesphotos made this tutorial (click) about editing your freeplay files. It will learn you how to change the events that happen in freeply or to effect the weather etc. You can also ask any questions about this here.

How do you stop the car thieves, they shoot at police cars!

There are two ways:

-the easy way is to use the "track this car" option of the police helicopter. As soon as the helicopter has tracked the car the driver will get out. Now land the helicopter, let the officers exit and arrest the driver (if the driver is armed he will start firing on the helicopter, but don't worry it's bulletproof).

-The second way is using the police roadblock but you'll have to now which way the car is going and the gangster will shoot at your cars and officers when he gets out (and they're not bulletproof).

How do you solve the rabid dog problem?

Use shooters to shoot the dog with rabies, when the dog is dead (takes about four bullets) and all the victims have been brought to the HQ, this event is accomplished.

How do you solve the leaking hydrant problem (EM4 Deluxe only)?

An engineer can repair the hydrant. Once the hydrant is repaired, this mission is accomplished. Note when you're playing an EM4 deluxe mod on a normal EM4 game you cannot fix the broken hydrants, but they won't do any damage.

How do you solve the bird flu problem (EM4 Deluxe only)?

Use fire fighters in HAZMAT suits to pick up the birds and decontaminate them in the HAZMAT (DEKON) truck. Also decontaminate all contaminated persons and make sure any wounded are brought to the HQ.

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