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This FAQ is meant to answer questions about the EM3 gameplay. It consists of the following subjects

*Gameplay issues

-units not visible on edge of the map

-shooters shoot each other

-finding objects under water

-scrolling the vehicle menu

*shortcuts & cheats

-keyboard shortcuts

-camera controlls

-known cheats

*Windows Vista

-compatibility EM3 and Vista



-mission 5 (mulitple car crash)

-mission 6 (bungee jumper missing)

-mission 10 (demonstration)

-mission 12 (crash of militrairy aircraft)

-mission 13 (train rams station)

-mission 15 (gale front)

-mission 17 (train derailment in forrest)

-mission 20 (terrorist attack)



-changing freeplay events

-stopping car thieves

[The EM3 GAME FAQ is complete]

© 2008 www.emergency-planet.com and related sites.

Nothing from this FAQ may be cited, reproduced or distributed in any way by other sites (except www.emergency-planet.com and related sites) without written permission of the author and www.emergency-planet.com.

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Gameplay issues

I called my units and I heard them say 'on the scene' but I can't see them, what s wrong?

Probably nothing is wrong; the units are just out of reach of the camera. When you turn the camera around (try a few different angles) or zoom you should see the unit. When there’s a unit ‘stuck’ at the entry point and he's blocking the access for the other vehicles then you should try to send the unit that’s ‘stuck’ back to base. It usually works and the other vehicles will enter the map. If not you’re only option is to restart the mission, sorry.

When I order a group of shooters to shoot a suspect they stand in front of each other and get wounded by each others bullets. Is there something I can do?

Apart from manually making sure they don't stand in front of each other, there isn't much you can do. Using two or three police officers max makes it al lot easier to stop officers from firing on each other.

I can't find an object that is under water (car, barrel, experimental weapon), what can I do about it?

In the walkthrough it is stated where the objects can be found, send a diver in the water and tell him to dive on that very spot. He will attach a red balloon to the object making it easier to locate.

If that doesn't work you can always click and drag a selection square over the water (just like selecting a group of units). When you stop holding the left mouse button the under water object will be selected. You can see its green energy bar very clear. Now you know where you need to tell the diver to dive.

How do I scroll through the vehicles menu?

You can click on the two grey squares in the bottom of the vehicle menu. Or you can use the scroll wheel on your mouse (middle mouse button).

Edited by pyrothijs

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Shortcuts & Cheats

What keyboard shortcuts are there in EM3?

-You can use the numbers 1 till 3 to set the game speed (1 is normal, 3 is fast).

-You can use the zero key (0) on the numeric key pad to send the vehicles back to base.

-You can use press P to pause the game, if you want to continue you need to click on the pause screen with your mouse.

-Press N to toggle between all vehicles, if you find the vehicle you're looking for keep pressing N to zoom in on and track that unit.

-You can press the TAB button to call the mission objectives window and reread your briefing.

-The HOME key (or POS1 key) moves the camera to the point on the map where you’re vehicles enter the scene.

-You can turn the lights of a vehicle off by selecting the vehicle and pressing SHIFT + B (together), you can switch them on again by selecting the vehicle and pressing B.

-You can press the SPACE BAR to switch between vehicles who are not involved in any activity.

-You can use the F1 till F4 keys to open or close the vehicle menu of the fire department (F1), technical vehicles (F2), police (F3) and rescue services (F4).

-You can quicksave your game using the F5 key, you can load your most recent quicksave by pressing F9.

-Press ESCAPE to open the options menu.

With what keystrokes can I control the camera?

-Use the Arrow keys to move around the map.

-You can use the page up and page down keys to pan the camera changing you're perspective on the mission area.

-You can use the + and - keys to zoom in and out.

-If you press ENTER on the numeric key pad the camera will return from zoom mode to the standard position.

Are there any cheats for Emergency 3?

Yes there are, you can find them here (click).

Edited by pyrothijs

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Windows Vista

Is EM3 compatible with Windows Vista?

Yes, both EM3 and EM4 run on the 32 and 64 bit version of Windows Vista Home Basic. But because Vista has very high security standards you need to make sure that both your PC and your game are in tiptop condition before you can play. A few hints (from the FAQ on the main site by Stan):

-Run EM3 in compatibility mode or on high priority

-Run the game as an administrator

-Give all users on your computer full rights to acces the Emergency 3 folder

-Install the latest video and sound card drivers

-DO NOT install any codec packs like K-LITE or samsung mobile phone software (all codec packs with MPG1 software).

-Try disabling your antivirus software or firewall

You can find more information about it in this topic (click) by Stan and Mikesphoto's. You can also ask any questions about problems with EM3 and Vista here.

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Is there a walkthrough available for the EM3 missions?

Yes there is an English mission walthrough, you can download it here (click). A short version of the walkthrough is also available online on our main site (click).

Mission 5: multiple car crash

What is an onlooker and how can I prevent it getting hit by cars?

An onlooker is a spectator. In this mission four people will stop on the hard shoulder of the southern highway lane (near the gas station). You need to send in a police helicopter and let the officers talk to the drivers, the spectators will stop looking and continue their journey.

Mission 6: an accident while bungee jumping

Every time I sent my paramedic to treat the unconscious bungee jumper lying on the tracks he gets run over by the train and I can't do anything about it, what do I need to do?

FIRST use the engineer to switch on both stop signs (there's one west of the railway junction and one east of the bridge). The engineer can access the eastern stop sign by walking across the railway bridge. You can only send a doctor in to treat the victim AFTER the stop signs have been switched on.

I can't find or rescue the missing bungee jumper.

The bungee jumper is under a fallen tree under the railway bridge. Use the crane to pick up the tree. Because the victim is surrounded by rocks you can't get to him with firefighters or medics. You need to use the rope stretcher on the rescue helicopter or you can use the fire department motorboat to get the paramedics inside the stone circle (and get the victim out).

Mission 10: violent demonstration

I can't extinguish the fire on the boat, please help!

You need to use three fire boats; you need to place the boats as described in the walkthrough so that they each prevent the spread of the fire to another part of the ship. The fire will take quite some time to extinguish.

Mission 12: crash of a military test aircraft

My firefighter can't seem to pick up the pilot at the church, what's wrong?

Two things can be wrong:

#1 The ladder truck isn't in the right position. To fix this first send away all the spectators (use police officers or firefighters), then make sure there's enough space on the church square (no other units standing there). Select the ladder truck and click the green dot in front of the pilot. The ladder truck will automatically find the right position (tip: when it's in the right position its basket will go down).

#2 You can't click on the pilot. This is because the pilot is "too small" to click. Zoom in and try again. If it still doesn't work move you're mouse around the pilot slowly, sometimes the pick up icon appears next to the pilot instead of on the pilot.

Mission 13: a train is about to ram into the stations concourse

I evacuated the station using the police helicopter (see walkthrough mission 11), but some people won't leave and start running around like crazy. How do I get them outside?

Send in a few police psychologists to calm the people down, the officers can now arrest them and escort them out of the station. There won't be time to evacuate them all.

I cut open all train wrecks but I still haven't found all the wounded and the mission fails because there are too many casualties, help!There could be two causes for this problem:

-Some trains can be cut open on more places then one, so to free all victims from the train you'll have to cut two or three different parts of the train. There's also a victim in the train that crashed through the station wall, a firefighter needs to free him with rescue cutters.

-There are also three victims lying under chunks of debris in front of the burning store, use the rescue dog to find them and the crane to lift up the debris. There's also one victim in a corner of the burning store and one in the store next to it.

Mission 15: Gale front

I can't seem to get my crane near the sunken car, what do I need to do?

All over the road there's a truck lying on its side, it's blocking access to the sunken car. First free the driver from the truck cabin, then let a firefighter carry hem away from the truck and let a doctor take a look at him. The crane can now lift the truck and remove it from the road. After the truck is removed the crane can reach the sunken car. In order for the crane to pick it up a diver has to mark its position using a red balloon.

Mission 17: derailment of a train

The train explodes before I have my men in place, what can I do?

You can't stop the train form exploding; you can only delay the explosion by treating the train driver on the site of the accident. As soon as you take the train driver away from the tracks the train will explode. After about five minutes fireworks will start igniting from the train, this means the train is going to explode within one minute. Pick up the train driver and get out of there!

Mission 20: terrorist attack, dirty bomb!

How can I get rid of the contaminated debris?

You can use the tow trucks to remove the pices of debris, you do not need to decontaminate them first. Just pick them up and send the tow truck back home.

Where is the hotel with the wounded undercover cop?

The hotel is east of the initial attack site. It is between old city centre with the grey brick road (north of the hotel), the rail road tracks (east of the hotel) and the place where your units enter the map (south of the hotel). The wounded cop is at the north side of the hotel on the side walk.

How do you stop the terrorists from the hotel from escaping?

You need to stop their car using the spike strips on the MTW. The terrorists will flee via the grey brick road north of the hotel, place the spike strip there. Once their car hits the spike strip the terrorists will make a run for it. They will not stop and shoot at your units. So make sure you place some shooters well passed the spike strip. They can run towards the terrorists while others chase them. Arrest them and use an MTW to take them to headquarters.

Edited by pyrothijs

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Can you save the Freeplay or the Challenge game?

No, you can't save both games. However in the Challenge mode you can save your final score when you exit Challenge mode.

I want to change the number of times an event happens in freeplay, or the number of cars I can call during freeplay what should I do?

You need to edit the freeplay parameters. You can find them in the Emergency 3\data\specs folder. The file is called freeplayparameters.xml. You can open the file with notepad or wordpad. Mikesphotos made this tutorial (click) about editing your freeplay files. The tutorial is made for Emergency 4, but only the files you need to open are different in EM4. The changes you can make are exactly the same, so you can use his tutorial to find out what you need to change.

How do you stop the car thieves, they shoot at police cars!

There are two ways:

-the easy way is to use the "track this car" option of the police helicopter. As soon as the helicopter has tracked the car the driver will get out. Now land the helicopter, let the officers exit and arrest the driver (if the driver is armed he will start firing on the helicopter, but don't worry it's bulletproof).

-The second way is using the police roadblock but you'll have to now which way the car is going and the gangster will shoot at your cars and officers when he gets out (and they're not bulletproof).

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