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Arma 3 Zeus Multiplayer - FIA Stratis Guerrilla Campaign - Looking for players

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This is essentially a copy/paste from my post on the A3 Steam Discussion Boards, but I thought I might as well broaden my horizons in order to reach more potential players. Event is tentatively Saturday, May 5th 1800 CDT (2300 UTC).

Looking for up to 29 mature (aged 16+, but not a hard limit) players to play the role of FIA rebels attempting to take Stratis from the AAF (who will be under my 'command' as Zeus). The rebels will start off with very little equipment but will have immediate opportunities given to them to grow in strength. This will likely be something that requires multiple events, so this event will be the beginning of the campaign and however long it takes before a consensus is reached to call it quits for the session at a minimum.

Note that this is NOT Antistasi; nothing will be procedurally generated and aside from some loose 'win' conditions, everything will be left up to the players to decide on (i.e. squad objectives). That said, player reconnaissance and Zeus-placed intelligence will provide ample opportunities for mission planning:

Scout out a cache of AAF supplies? Raid the cache. 

Find intel on a vital comm station? Destroy it to 'cripple' AAF communications and make it harder to coordinate against the FIA. 

The rebel players will have much freedom in their actions, but must be careful at the same time: I will react with my forces accordingly based on what happens. 

FIA forces have the following command structure: 

4 Squads, each with 1 Squad Leader; 4 'Riflemen'; 1 Medic; and 1 Engineer
1 Commander (who is not assigned a squad and is mostly there to coordinate the overall FIA effort - this is not a Zeus!) This position will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis to whomever desires it.

In order to ensure a more complete experience, ACE (Basic medical) and TFAR will be used (as well as a few other mods). This will be a pretty vanilla experience otherwise (no RHS, CUP, etc.). Having all DLC's is a must (at least going forward).

The mission will be persistent - every item collected by the rebels will remain for every playthrough.

Check-in time on the TeamSpeak server is 30 minutes before the start (1730 CDT).

If anyone is interested, feel free to add me on Steam (Current Steam nickname: Trololzilla. You will receive access to the TeamSpeak server and mod list once you add me and discuss your interest with me). Please keep in mind that this is my first time doing something like this, so bear with me in case of any difficulties. However, if this is well-received and everyone gets along, I am very willing to form a Squad/Group and make missions such as this a somewhat regular occurrence (including an Altis [and possibly Tanoa/Malden] guerrilla campaign following a similar format).

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