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Roads, Map Texture, & Mapmaking Questions

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Hey all. I have some questions about making map textures for American Themed mods. In case it helps, I don't have any brushes for making maps right now, but I want to get them. I use gimp to make the map, then export it in paintdotnet. I prefer not to have to copy paste from other map textures, but if that is the only way I guess I can give it a try,

1. How do you make curved roads? From slightly curved to extremely curved. I have always had trouble with curved roads.

2. How do you make slanted roads? Like roads that aren't going perfectly up-down nor left-right.

3. Is it possible to get a green colored large lake on map? If so, how would I get the color to be green?

4. What are the recommended settings for the terrain editing tools?

5. How do you know how big you need to make a street or a lot where a building will go for the map texture?


I may update with more questions as time goes on and I get more questions. I will edit the topic title and add "updated <insert date>" if that happens. Thanks in advance for any answers and help.

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