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A request of Topic Authors:

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I have a request of Authors out there of the topics related to mods in particular.  Most of you are good about having the status of the mod IE: WIP/In Development/Beta Released/Released etc, but if you could remember if there is a download link to include it in the first post of the topic; that way hopefully it will make it easier for users to find the download on the first post rather than asking multiple times per page of posts.  Having a "standard" of expecting to find the download (if available) on the first post of the topic should help curb that kind of posting and make everyone's life easier for finding the most current (and up-to-date) copy of your mods.  If the modification does not have a download available just add into the title or description stating that no download is available at this time for the mod; hopefully people will see that and not ask about it.

Thank you for your time and we'd appreciate it if you could take the time to do this going forward to make user's lives easier in finding your mods and hopefully make your life easier by ensuring that the most current version of your mod is easier to find to download thus preventing users from having out of date copies bringing up bugs which you've already fixed.

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