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Stuttgart Modification

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This will be a mod of my hometown Stuttgart. You may know Stuttgart as a home of Porsche and Mercedes-Benz.


It will be realistic.

I will use vehicles already existing and make new 3D Model for vehicles not existing or existing in a different version.

I will make a custom map which will be as realistic as possible but it will be combining different areas into one custom map.

New buildings for the map will also be done by me.


Police STW: 


TimmeyX, PhillipNeu, Simon97


You can research the vehicles here:



More details soon.


I know this is ambitious but it is a long time project i´ll do and will take its time but it surely will include everything as described. 

First part will be the police department, then ambulance and then the fire dept.

It will defently take more thena year to make this but i will take that time. 


Let me know what you thing and also feel free to give suggestions or tell me what you´d like to see.

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