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Found 16 results

  1. Hello everyone. Im'm new on the forums and I'm from Argentina. I recently installed Emergency 4 and when I try to start the game, after the presentation videos, a black screen appears and turns me back to desktop. I had the same problem with EM3 but when I eliminate all videos the game works fine. I tried this with EM4 but the problem still. I saw that there's a lot of people with the same problem, and I tried a lot of possible solutions: Reinstall drivers[ I don't know if I installed them by the correct way]; change screen resolution, start as Admin, runs in compatibility mode, without firewall... but nothing works! My PC System is: AMD Semprom 2400+ (1,7Ghz) 768 MB Ram Windows XP 2002 Service Pack 3 GeForce 6200 Yes, I know that my PC is not the best, but I can play ProEvolutionSoccer 2010 without problems! I don't think that it's a Grahpics trouble, because the Editor works fine! PLease, I hope you can help me! I waited a lot for this game! Greetings from Argentina. PS.: About the Em4.cfg, when I try to attach it says that I'm not permitted to upload that kind of files, so I uploaded it as a *.txt file. logfile.txt Copia de em4.txt DxDiag.txt
  2. Hey Emergency Planet! I thought you guys might like to know that I have created a 911: First Responders / Emergency 4 configuration tool! Please check my latest post to find out more Here are some screenshots: Download the latest version here (Hosted in the Emergency Planet Download section).
  3. These are just a few of the units from the Rockport Mod by Ghost Graphic Designs that I did a little light mod on. Wanted to share it here to see what people thought of it so leave leave your opinions! As you can probably see, i'm way better at LED lighting that with halogen/rotor lights! Also, if anyone is looking for someone to do lights on their own mods I would be happy to help out, probably on smaller mods to begin with. Anyone looking for help just PM me. Download Thanks folks Connor
  4. Version V2.0


    This Is a small light mod for the Rockport Mod by Ghost Graphic Designs I hope to add more relit units later Please leave your feedback on the Rockport Light Mod Forum Thanks Connorhull3
  5. Hi, I have a question regarding prototypes.. When I clone a model in the editor of 911 :FR or EM4 new prototypes are created (normal system used by the game). If I want to delete the prototypes of that model I am suppose to go in the Prototypes folder on Pc (not while in editor) and delete the files. Problem is prototypes files of cloned models are not visible in the Prototypes folder of the Mod. Is there anything I should do? Thanks Darren-NYPD
  6. We are currently looking for new members to sign up! Required?: - 15+ Age (Mature),Exceptions can be made - Follow orders from Captain/Admin -Respect for others - No excessive poking. If you need someone message them or poke them once on our Teamspeak - Do not bug an officer about permissions/applications -No excessive foul language We do have real life first responders in our clan! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BbbycNZ-77w http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5G2ApSFsEcA http://www.emergencyopscommand.com/home
  7. hey, whats up people this is warhunterwolf1-1 and im making a mod called modern futuristic i am thinking about using the standard em4 vehicles that have been reskined and giving them more abilities and actions if anyone has any more ideas and or suggestions i dont want any negative comments in this update forum only positive comments\suggestions. pictures and updates to be posted later today. (update 9:00 a.m.) also if i can get enough support from the comunity with my mod i would like to expand upon this and make a secon more up to date mod. update 9:12 a.m. caifornia time. here are some photos tell me what you think.
  8. Version 0.4b


    The Emergency 4 Configurator is a tool designed to modify the Emergency 4, Emergency 4 Deluxe and 911: First Responders configuration files. The tool provides easy access to freeplay events, screen resolution, camera angles and graphics tweaks. After this is released, additional modding features will be added later in the form of a second, more advanced program. This program will make it easy to insert new vehicles, missions and more. Please visit the forum post to leave comments or bug reports. I hope you enjoy using my software!
  9. Hello! I have a problem with the game Emergency 4th Currently have two operating systems: Windows 7 and Windows XP I realize that this game is not working on Windows 7 I installed the game through the Windows XP operating system. Everything works improvement. But after the installation of fashion, when I go to the menu of the game and I want to select an available modification of the game jams. Modifications are certainly good, do not contain errors. I know this because at some point in not playing. How can I fix this bug in the game? My computer is able to carry this game. Sorry for my english
  10. Heeeey! What's up you guys! After I got some requests I finally decided to open up a new topic with all the modding tutorials I've done so far. Some things are beginner, some are intermediate level. Instead of posting all my instructions 300 times in several topics, this could be a "first aid modding topic" - not an FAQ but at least all my tutorials in one place! Tutorials available: Path tutorial - http://forum.emergen...-path-tutorial/ Freeplay events tutorial - http://forum.emergen...vents-tutorial/ Alpha reflections tutorial - http://forum.emergen...tions-tutorial/ Traffic lights tutorial - Tutorials following: ... Comments as always welcome! P.S. hope this gets pinned :D greetz rettungstier EDITED : Traffic lights tutorial added!
  11. Hi All, Just come back to the Emergency Fold, I had #1 as a kid loved it Does anyone have any COMPLETE walkthrough guides for Emergency 2012 Emergency 4 Emergency 3
  12. Guest

    Blue light mod la mod


    this is for la mod 2.0
  13. Version


    This program is simple - it change em4.cfg resolution value. Tested on Emergency 4, I am sure it works on 911 first responders version too. I included source code, written in Visual Basic. Virus test: https://www.virustotal.com/file/4af340a858a92657fa8225fcd3f267615bbd0c438bc2b2e987bd9aec7207fd3f/analysis/1335807875/ Have fun
  14. Hi everyone I have an awful problem with my game and i've searched through all the forums and i cant seem to find a solution. Also i haven't found a similar post to this one. Whenever i play EM4 with any mod e.g. London mod or LA mod i have a problem. Everything in the "world" is black apart from certain things like lights or smoke. It looks as though I lost all my textures but when i go into the textures folder they're all there. iI'll post an image below which would describe it better. I'm running EM4 V1.3 and this problem is on any mod. Any help would be much appreciated Thanks Nick
  15. recently i changed my camera values like what did this topic said http://www.losangele...html#camerahack but when i changed it my game crash before the intro "black screen for one second then get back to desktop" , so i opened the log file & founded these errors ?BLFileSystem::Open("base:/Fonts/Tahoma 11.xff",BLFM_READ): Could not open ?Font load failed: base:/Fonts/Tahoma 11.xff ?BLFileSystem::Open("base:/Fonts/Tahoma 11 bold.xff",BLFM_READ): Could not open ?Font load failed: base:/Fonts/Tahoma 11 bold.xff ?BLFileSystem::Open("base:/Fonts/Lucida Console 11.xff",BLFM_READ): Could not open ?Font load failed: base:/Fonts/Lucida Console 11.xff ?BLFileSystem::Open("base:UI/Dialogs/video.xml",BLFM_READ): Could not open ?BLFileSystem::Open("base:/UI/Dialogs/particle.xml",BLFM_READ): Could not open so please i need your help & the right values that let me zoom more (,^^) ThAnK YoU (^^,) logfile.txt em4.cfg.txt
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