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  1. LA mod Hose cannon

    For clarity here is a photo. On the first water_tender.e4p "; on the second water_tender_hose_connections_1.e4p";
  2. LA mod Hose cannon

    Thanks itchboy. But I would like to receive a step-by-step answer. For this, I will outline in more detail what I did. In the original LAmod, I replaced the WATERTENDER with my car, but I kept the original names in the Models and Prototypes folders the same to make the work easier. In the editor, when on the TLF WATERTENDER model, no hose connections appear, although I did not touch all the names. After that, reading various articles on this topic. He created a new prototype in the water_tender_hose_connections_1 editor and he GTF, added 4 children and named their connector 1-4, also in the attachfirehose file, changed the path to const char OBJ_WATERTENDER_CONN [] = "mod: Prototypes / Vehicles / 06 Objects / water_tender_hose_connections_1.e4p"; Help please what am I doing wrong?
  3. LA mod Hose cannon

    Hi guys sorry for the frequently repeated question, but after reading the tutorials I can not make a combination of TLF+GTF based on LA mod. I replaced the water tender with another car, but not the prototype file remained the same TLF I did not touch. Then I made a prototype clone and made it a GTF and the model is invisible. But the editor does not display connectors, made like everything in the tutorial. In the game when the firefighter is given a command to attach hose to the connector, he runs to the center of the map and back. Already renamed connector to pump. I write with a dictionary sorry for my English.
  4. Hello. Will I be safe to ask the following question. Long time no news from the developers of this package is very sad. Could you comment on why. Do not misunderstand, I and many other fans of this modification waiting for release and the question in my opinion correct. Thanks in advance
  5. Hi Goog. We are looking forward to release with impatience. Could you put photographs of the units that are ready at this time and work on them. It is very interesting to look at the masterpieces.
  6. Could you put photos of units on which work or progress fashion at present. I think many fans of the Los Angeles mod is very intresno. Thanks in advance.
  7. A question about units of LAPD Ford crown victoria is it possible to release in two variants including the mx700. Very nice model. Just a question about SWAT rescue 2. Thanks in advance
  8. Question. Some weeks there are no photos, and news on the progress of work on the package. Can anyone comment on whether to wait to us release?
  9. You have a talent model which shows deserve respect. Could you post a list of all models that will be released
  10. My concern is the following. Project Los Angeles mod vehicles set has not been released although there are ready-made units to use. This is just my opinion. Would be a shame if this project we will be able to see only in pictures. I hope that soon it will be released
  11. Now you can put a link to the finished cars to install them in the game?
  12. Looks great And the update is downloaded completely or as ready models one thing is Very sad that projects Los Angeles Mod Vehicle Set and City of Angles mod has not been released