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  1. I do have one question .... I always figured that EMS and RMP's catched to easy fire when on scene ....did you reduce this? hope so :-)
  2. - You mean NYPD ESU / ESS right? ESS-1 Lower Manhattan Precinct 13 ESS-2 Upper Manhattan Precinct 26 ESS-3 East and South Bronx Precinct's 40,41,42,43,47,49 ESS 4 West and North Bronx Precinct's 44,46,48,50,52 ESS-5 Staten Island Precinct 122 ESS-6 South Brooklyn Precinct 68 ESS-7 East Brooklyn Precinct 75 ESS-8 North Brooklyn - REP Truck Precinct 10 ESS-9 South Queens - Heavy Rescue Truck Precinct 113 ESS-10 North Queens - REP Truck Precinct 109 ESS-11 (Assigned to ESU Headquarters) ESS-14 Hazmat / Rescue Truck
  3. reminds me of the fact that life is not all play ..... hope you guys get your stuff sorted out
  4. and yes Dyson is right....the FDNY does not use the "gated wye" http://community.fireengineering.com/forum/topic/show?groupId=1219672%3AGroup%3A1695&id=1219672%3ATopic%3A61155
  5. I guess the focus of most users here shifted to another work in progress project ......
  6. meaning "great" as in brilliant, outstanding, fantastic or "great" as in size ?
  7. somewhere further up Dyson mentioned at least 600 mb for the buildings and now you have to count on top of this all other stuff .....
  8. even though I am a Apple only user I do have a custom build rig running win 7 and have no problems at all .... hence I don't get your questin
  9. I could be wrong or it is just pure coincidence but the Impala has no headlights on .... this I think is a very nice touch
  10. some people just keep bashing other peoples stuff .... they are entirely different and I don't think that one is better than the other .... there goes a lot of work in either one, that is what should be appreciated rather than to put other peoples effort on the spot!! beside the fact that this is the "Manhattan Mod" and the other one is the "New York" mod .... meaning that this one here is only a part ( borough ) of NYC.
  11. either I am to stupid to understand this or the folks who answered in regard to this post got it the wrong way... because I do understand from this, that he is quite happy about the way his work evolved from the work shown above ( which was still quite nice ) to what he accomplished by now with his recent work
  12. Squad 18 is a Manhattan / West Village Unit under the command of the SOC ( special operations command ) and is a so called "Rescue Pumper"
  13. thx a lot for your answer ..... but even more for your effort I am looking very much forward to the release of 3.0
  14. first I have to clarify that this is no complaint at all and I am honest enough to admit that I did not read the whole 164 pages ...... so if this was already answered please be kind and just let me know finally I got around to install 2.3 and it looks really great ..... the snow, the vehicles and so on but there are two possible bugs - why are some engines are not able to leave the firehouse ( hazmat and rescue1 ) ? - there are two NYPD vans where the front axle is out of proportion ( looks like a bigfoot ) and the front doors are missing i did only install the original game, LA Mod 2.1 and the 2.3 Manhattan.... did I do something wrong? thx
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