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  1. Will the engine carry any rescue gear like the current Engine 2 does?
  2. My local area uses tanker relays, hook a hydrant to a tanker, use a wye valve to connect to 2 engines. Or be more creative and hook a hose to a tanker, then hook a wye to the tanker and on the 2 seperate hoses, hook up 2 more wyes to make it 4 hoses that go to 4 vehicles, if thats possible in this game.
  3. Also for some reason I can't start a new game anymore. The whole game just crashes.
  4. Itchboy, I require this update. Also, is the BCFD ambulances and or fire trucks getting reskined from their orangeish skins? Also now that I think of it, the rescue units overhead lightbar would always flash like the ELS was on. It would flash whether the option was turned on or off.
  5. Itchboy, are any of those scripts on your youtube channel available for download? You got a lot of cool ones on there.
  6. Pretty much. Those are the training levels of the National Registry of EMTs, or NREMT. EMRs are typically firefighters and police officers. For example, from what I've been told about Pittsburgh fire and police, all firefighters are at the EMT level, as Pittsburgh EMS only hires paramedics. Police need to be EMRs or they can't be part of the force.
  7. I'm an EMT in the USA. Every state has their own guidelines to what each training level can do. Some of my co workers said that you can do things in other states, that you can't in others. Such as you can set up an IV in one state, where as in my state, you can't. EMTs can use AED pads as ambulances don't really carry defib pads. Paramedics can do a shit ton of stuff. A simple google search would sufice.
  8. Ok cool. It usually happens the majority of the time for me. I had to place rangers in certain areas to ensure they park correctly most of the time. Also, did you say you were planning to add some sort of medical GUI kind of thing for EMS calls? If so, I can give you some IRL pointers to make it more realistic. If interested in that, PM me. Thx.
  9. ItchBoi, I noticed many times while playing 2.1, the ranger trucks don't fully pull into the parking spots. They will either be around 5 feet away from the parking spot bump thing, or will pull off to the side, thus pulling some jaska** parking. Wasn't sure if you are aware or not.
  10. Alright thanks itchboy. I'll let ya know if I find any other bugs. Also, were big trucks removed or fixed from the mod? They always get stuck around corners and will need to be destroyed and towed to clear the road. Also, do all vehicles now have reflective lighting, meaning it can be seen flashing on the ground / ajacent buildings?
  11. Itchboy, are you aware of the beaverhead heavy equipment squads overhead light bar still flashes when the the rest are off? It doesn't turn off when you hit the ELS button. As well as at the ranger station, the rangers don't park correctly as they park off to the side, or do the classic "a-hole parking".
  12. I'm sure you're aware of this already, but using some of the options when using the police or fire dispatchers in their respective stations will crash the game. It just came to me now while reading your reply.
  13. Idk if this was brought up already, but when pressing the wye tool button, it immediately crashes the game. I've only seen this mod and the LA mod use it as I wish more did, its super useful. Also I noticed most if not all stop signs in the residential housing area up in the north part of the map have health bars. A lot of npcs get stuck walking into them and don't move, as well as vehicles making the right turn get stuck and block traffic until moved or destroyed. Please fix that as I would consider both of these major bugs.
  14. I can't download it. It takes too long or it just doesn't download at all. Either way, it doesn't work.
  15. Can we get a pic of the finalized MMPD version of it? Like a preview?
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