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  1. Wegberg Modification

    The link is now available in the post above where the link was meant to be
  2. Wegberg Modification

    Sorry it will be available soon when the admins approve it on the website
  3. Wegberg Modification

    Version 0.1.1 of the mod is now available at the link below Download Now
  4. Wegberg 7 English pack V 0.1.1

    Version 0.1.1


    This is the beta edition of the Wegberg 7 English pack Created by: Scott Marshall(Nodrog1061) Credit to: ● FT Software For making the original mod ● Bernt112 For helping to understand how EM4 works ● Max I Storm, Xinamond and Northen Alex for help with translation ● Sam Johnson for giving salt : ) Requirements: ● Wegberg 7 Beta Mod (https://ftsoftware.eu/downloads/wegberg7beta) ● Emergency 4 / 911 first responders Installation instruction are included in the file NOTES: Only automatic dispatch is translated yet DO NOT launch the mod using the Wegberg 7 launcher open it as a regular mod if you have installed it correctly you should see this icon: Featured Video: Install tutorial: Needing Support with the mod either contact me through the forums or on discord https://discord.gg/TFenZqK
  5. Wegberg Modification

    To them that are interested you may be wondering what’s going on with the translation pack? Well I am cuently 44% the way through the mod I started work on translating the calls and realised that section was a large undertaking but I have: Translated the names of all the items in game Translated 90% of interfaces 30% of calls are translated and finally I have sent a email to FT software and not received a reply in 2 months so I presume I have permission to continue with the project I am predicting that with Christmas holadys coming up i will have plenty of time to work on it and I will have a initial alpha edition available by the new year hopefully i don’t sadly don’t have a photo to share as I am on my iPad 😀
  6. Wegberg Modification

    So I am glad to see the is still a call for it I hope FT software will let me release it
  7. Wegberg Modification

    I don't know if there is any call for this anymore but I am working on an English translation pack for the wegberg mod it will probably take a few months to complete it will probably include translated dialogues translated menus translated item name translated emergency types (probably) it won't include translate audio a image too keep you happy http://www.emergency-planet.com/uploads/monthly_2018_11/prewe.thumb.JPG.5c5a0f6ba191b0f03d3d869d73d5632c.JPG