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  1. My computer broke and I'm on my mother's computer but when I went to play Emergency 4 in infinite mode everything was black just showing up the lights, Road Signalling, etc. Except that nothing showed up I could not see the units I bought, so the game stayed Impossible to play, my mother's computer is full of files among other things, is this related to the problem? Thank you.
  2. I can suggest a thing? Because guys do not add new occurrences? for example: Close point of sale of drugs, illegal racing, attack in the police station, Convoy for dangerous prisoner, peace disturbance, fire on ship, etc. I hope I have given good suggestions A hug <3
  3. I need help on the commands how to create a Command?
  4. I am searching anyone to play on a server of brazilians
  5. é bom ter jogadores do próprio estado jogando tbm
  6. Por favor Rafael ve oq eu escrevi no seu perfil

  7. I tried everything but I could not get the guy who always speaks when it appears an emergency, for me it makes the game without that challenge to find out What's going on, I who am Brazilian really like playing the mod São Paulo but the voice in English of man leaves the mod without any sense, someone knows how to get him out of the game in any way?
  8. A mod much good i played


  9. I am searching a brazilian player preferably in the state of São Paulo.
  10. Better mod i played on this game is the Los Angeles Mod


  11. Ei cara eu vi no youtube um cara que fez um mapa para o seu mod eu não sei se você já falou com ele ou já sabe disso mas eu queria saber quando vai lançar esse mapa se vc sabe, o mod vai fica muito mais top, e tambem um comando para patrulhar.
    Tomara que eu não tenha pedido muito ou te incomodado

    Caso vc não saiba


    1. Luc0104


      Mano por favor me responde eu to tentando ajuda sou super fã do seu Mod

    2. Rafael


      Esse mapa não existe mais, ele foi feito para o mod, mas foi perdido!


    3. Luc0104



      mesmo assim vlw e que seu mod continue perfeito


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