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  1. A Scotland mod would be nice with all the units being correct and updated maybe a custom map based on a town or city in Scotland
  2. Hi Community I would like to suggest an idea for a new mod. Having had a look at the mods for Emergency 4. I'm quite upset to discover that there is no mod for Scottish players. So i would like to suggest making one. Whoever is interested in helping me or actually creating one i would be grateful. I don't want to take any credit for it just would like to see a new mod Regards
  3. Whats up guys After having a long break which will be extended until i get new headset, after i get my new headset i will be back on the hunt for mods to play so if anyone wants a mod they played or your a mod maker who has a mod you want promoted i'm happy to help. I look forward to hearing from you all. I f you need me PM or reply on this topic, expect replies with the week Regards DannyisGamer
  4. Dear Community Does anyone know if the CSP Mod is still active. If it is, is there a download link? DannyisGamer
  5. Hi VHCal Thanks for the message an d i'm interested in mod that include content from Britain so i'm interested in your Sussex Mod Regards DannyisGamer
  6. Dear Community Can anyone tell me where i can find the Latest CSP Mod with English Translation Regards DannyisGamer
  7. Dear Flash 

    Is the CSP French Mod still alive? Is there a mod link that works? 

    Regards DannyisGamer


  8. Dear Community Memeber 

    I am interested in your offer to test your mod 

    Regards DannyisGamer


  9. Yes i would like to try this mod thanks for the offer
  10. Dear Community I am a new YouTuber who is interested in promoting new mods for Emergency 4. I am also willing to test new mods for bugs, content ideas, reviews or general testing, Hope to hear from yous if your interested in my offer Regards DannyisGamer
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