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  1. or a little longer. The not confirmed update from the 4. september isnt even working anymore due the patch
  2. The easiest way is to add my mod to the modloader and place the NL mod after it this way the listeners are activ and you dont have too much trouble.
  3. Well I've found some time to fix some more bugs of the dutch mod Changelog: -the animation of the ladder truck and heavy rescue truck are fixed -policeman can remove tape -the brake of the patrol car is now working as intended -Unlocked Door for paramedics with injuries (ambulance car) -changed the main door of the ambulance to the backdoor (passenger door) to let doctors enter the vehicle -dekonp use ABC Firefighters -EM2017 eventpool is used in freeplay -Policeman got some more commands which are required to solve new missions -siren lenght reduced to make them stop after the vehicles have arrived their destination https://www.dropbox.com/s/9l7e5a2zbf2pwov/NL2.0_modification_fixer.rar?dl=0
  4. this pretty much nailed it. I just wanted to help out to make it playable again as it just took 10 minutes, but I wont develop it anymore... sorry for that
  5. Well basicly 3 steps: a) declare all commands that you want to export in your plugin.cpp file. QSF_START_CAMP_CLASS_EXPORT(user::CheerCommand, "CheerCommand", "Cheer command") QSF_GAME_CAMP_IS_COMMAND QSF_END_CAMP_CLASS_EXPORT b) Tell the game which plugins need to be loaded this is done in the project.json as example here is the one from the minimod. The thing that needs to be added is the "Plugin(s)"-Section { "Format": { "Type": "Project", "Version": "1" }, "Properties": { "Name": "killerconstis_mini_mod", "Locked": "false", "Version": "3.2", "Author": "Consti", "Description": "The only real mod right now" }, "AssetPackages": [ "content", "local", "required_files", "language_de" ], "Plugins": { "minimod_plugin": "em5_game em5_editor", "misc_crew_minimod_edition": "em5_game em5_editor" } } your *.dll file must be at your_mod_direction/x64/ . The easiest way is to declare this as your target direction in VS2015 c) use your commands ingame select the em5::CommandableComponent and add your Command into the array. For the example above it would be [user::CheerCommand] (in the editor) or "user::CheerCommand", if you directly edit the *.json file For testing it is usefull to set the playerId in the CommandableComponent to "0", this makes the unit belonging to player 1. If you still have problems, I recommend to have a look into the *.log files or the SamplePlugin+Samplemod with the CheerCommand/CheerAction/Observer/Event
  6. new downloadlink http://www.emergency-forum.de/filebase/index.php?entry/2514-em5-minimod-3-2-december-2016/ https://www.dropbox.com/s/zxmfbrjbtdnlwgj/minimod_3_2.rar?dl=0 it is possible to get the source code from the emergency forum link ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- and this is the new "fixer"-package for the Dutch Mod v2.0. Not tested with v3.0. The new EM2017 Freeplay Events are not playable with this fix. https://www.dropbox.com/s/9l7e5a2zbf2pwov/NL2.0_modification_fixer.rar?dl=0 Recent Changes -Unlocked Door for paramedics with injuries (ambulance car) -changed the main door of the ambulance to the backdoor (passenger door) to let doctors enter the vehicle Enjoy
  7. hey yeah, you need to add a "Local Asset Source"... this is the place where the files you want to import are stored. It's pretty simple: Customize->Local Asset Source->Add then select the folder or the parent folder (might be better) and you are ready for import. Make sure you import textures as .tif format with "power of 2" sizes (512/1024/2048).
  8. just use lowercase letters, numbers and the underscore. So you would need to name your mod like this china_mod instead of China Mod
  9. I havent done a campaign yet. But I have done -new freeplay events -new gui elements in the main menu den-fellow from 16t finally told me how to start a new game from a button press. So by pressing this button you'll enter the freeplay munich map. You could now store just a global variable which would trigger your scenario em5::GameSessionConfiguration& gameSessionConfiguration = EM5_GAME.getGameSessionConfiguration(); em5::MapIdentifier mapIdentifier(0); // 0 for Munich map gameSessionConfiguration.setupForFreeplay(mapIdentifier); EM5_APPLICATION.triggerStartGame(); Unluckily if you want to do a new campaign there is a lot c++ required. It's like a movie script, you need to tell the game everything that happens -Set a Building on Fire and activate a hidden layer with rubbish and persons (optional) -deactivate freeplay (else new events will pop up if we used the setupForFreeplay function) -epic beginning clip -Register a Listener who will tell you once all fires are extinguished and no hurt person is anymore at the map. -scores if you want to do My last investigation was about to create a camera track (this can be done editor) but I definitly need a second look into this. picture from the current version 3.1 (even if iit says 2.7) which I have uploaded at 17. of December at the emergency-forum
  10. it isnt compatible to the latest patch from the 1.12.2016. The next version should be ready in 2-3 weeks
  11. simply this tag is missing in the unitorderinfos: "CanTransportInjureds" the IMT looks after the patch like this { "Format": { "Type": "em5_order_info", "Version": "1" }, "OrderInfo": { // Intensive medical transporter (de: "Intensivmedizinishcer Transporter", "Rettungsbus") "IMT": { "Prefab": "em5/prefab/vehicle/ambulance_imt", "AvatarIcon": "ambulance_imt", "SelectionIcon": "ambulance_imt", "MiniMapIconType": "AmbulanceVehicle", "LocalizedName": "ID_NAME_IMT", "UnitTags": "Ambulance Vehicle Road IMT CanTransportInjureds", "OrderDepartment": "Ambulance", "OrderCost": "10", "OrderSpeed": "10", "UnlockCost": "0", "NumberAvailable": "5", "PersonnelSpace": "2", "StartPersonnel": { // This is a team with 2 persons "Paramedics" : "1", "Doctor": "1" }, "PassengerSpace": "6", "HelpPages": [ "TUTORIAL_HELPTEXT_BACK_TO_HQ_RTW", "TUTORIAL_HELPTEXT_EXIT_RTW" ] } } } and no, I dont want to cooperate with Ben12, because I dont feel like he's a Teamplayer
  12. the eventpool should be: mapname_(freeplay_eventpool/or whatever pool) this is the lo which I got with the "testmap" [2016-11-13 22:05:36][QSF error] There is no event pool with the key: testmap_freeplay_eventpool [2016-11-13 22:05:36][QSF warning] The eventpool "testmap_freeplay_eventpool" is unknown. Loading default event pool same naming convention for the unitpool: testmap_freeplay_unitpool Hope that helps
  13. Killerconsti

    Please help!

    i believe it's because the game doesnt like Uppercase letters. Write everything in lowercase and see what happens. If that doesnt work - check your log file
  14. Killerconsti

    Please help!

    make sure a) that you have .zip archives b) that if plugins are within the mod they need to be compiled for the last patch version c) can you provide screenshots of your issue?
  15. have no clue how to achive it. But maybe you want to modify the test_event_pool.json instead.
  16. I've just completed the camera support for the controller. The next thing is a Command that lets the crew automaticly enter the selected vehicle. After that is done I'm doing keyboard support (both shouldnt take too long). After that I'll create a function for persons and the possibility for helis to land (or I dont do helis at all - in my tests they sucked badly (clipping, not very smooth flying etc). I have no idea how to influence the draw distance right now, maybe I find a hint sometime. @Robert: In the Version 3.0 is everything included but the 3rd Person System which I m currently working on. And there is just "one" Minimod. Sometimes I offered a hotfix if sth has gone totally wrong (like Crashes) in the past but there is currently none.
  17. Thank you all for the kind words. However now it gets even more expressive -XBOX controller supported (cant control camera yet, unluckily) -buttons for siren ,exiting vehicles and getting into the 3rd Person Camera -skybox (that's what you labeled as horizon - luckily I got the Code from one of the Developers) -Navigation with the Minimap (right click at it, as if would execute a Move Comand) -smoother driving -front wheels are turning (the model still rotate with it's pivot) -recorded with Ultra Settings -hotkeys from keyboard are broken and need to be redone (to allow both -controller- and -keyboard- support -collisions with persons, very few objects,and Vehicles work if you drive forward (disabled when driving backward else the vehicles would get stuck) Enjoy
  18. I've sth new that I'm working on, since it's unique to EM5 and maybe the whole EM Series i wanted to show you what I was able to do with this nice game. Only wish the heaven would be blue
  19. The version 3.0 is out right now. We have also implent functions which help if you got problems with the counters in the campaign or if you want to skip a mission. Only the firestation isnt fully done. On the picture i pressed 7 times "Increase Faulty Counter" to increase the counter of the listeners which often cause problems (treated by doctor, rescued person inside vehicle) Enjoy And a huge thank you to all the guys which provide feedback and help to issue bugs Mirrors: http://www.emergency-forum.de/filebase/index.php?entry/2514-em5-minimod-3-0-november-2016/ https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B25PnL4jVYIZeEZCQXNCem8ybEU
  20. you can use this mirror, where I uploaded the archive just now old link removed Sorry for the trouble Have a nice Day
  21. http://www.emergency-forum.de/filebase/index.php?entry/2514-em5-minimod-3-0-testversion-november-2016/ This is the testversion for the new 3.0 update. Feel free to report bugs caused by this modification. It has the following restrictions: -the firedepartment in Berlin isnt usable -the MoveToGangster Command is not enabled -Achievements and Highscores cant be achieved (at least that's what the latest official patch notes say) -Additional Minimods Events are disabled -it may lack stability. You can help us by reporting crashs within your gaming session (photo from the crash report is really helpfull)
  22. Status Update: Since the latest update 3.0.1 the Downloadable Version of the Minimod isnt working anymore. However allmost all scripts are running again (Openhouse -system for example does not). So I've allready started to reconstruct the changes our team did to Berlin and the vehicles (sirens have been removed due the updates and we reimplent them ) Well the next playable version shall be available at the 31.0. or the 1.11. Be prepared for some cool recent changes like the first firestation and the script that let your ambulance vehicles drive outside the map instead of despawning them (so the unit keeps the same and store it's parking site etc)
  23. Yesterday I created the missing walls and set up the lighting (not finished). Unlcukily all mapchanges i make arent worth anything due the patch at the end of the week Enjoy
  24. I've reuploaded the images now. Had forgooten the access restrictions when posting links to the images from my laptop
  25. Thank you for the feedback and the bug report. I'll have a look into it. I also wanna show you guys the fire station which I started yesterday in the evening
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