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  1. Game is great! But I have one problem, when firefigters done with job, how I can move out a hose, first hose? I don t know how firefighter can take a hose when they finish with job?
  2. Wait, wait, wait, If I understood well, mod will be released by the end of this week? Maffegozer is so written in his post of 6. february.....
  3. Does anyone have a news about ERS BERLIN MOD?
  4. On another forum, but I thought that it was untrue. Where have you heard that? And im kinda sure that it not will be released in february..
  5. This is not sounds great! Does that means that you will need more time for release a final mod for evrybody? I heard that mod will be released in february, is that true? Or, with this new problems, release will be delayed for some time?
  6. Oh, I hope that they will not have any problem with any copyright! I hope they will not have any problems with anything! These guys really do a great job with that mod, it is to be applauded!
  7. Guys, this sounds awesome! I am jealous of you! I really want to play this mod! How much longer we must wait for this phenomenal mod? I know I'm boring but I'm very impatient!
  8. WOOOWWW! This mod is fantastic, I can't wait to try play!!!! BRAVO DE?KI
  9. ma kad je izašao berlin mod? Ako je di ga mogu skinut sa neta? Hej, kad ?e to bit gotovo i kad ?u mo? vidjeti makar slike?
  10. Ok! Thank you! I hope that they will make that, that will be great!!!
  11. Does this mean that the doors stay open at the scene when mod is available to everyone?
  12. I can t wait this mod!!!!! When will be released, does anyone know????
  13. Odli?na ideja! Vrlo rado bih pomogao ali fakat ne znam ništa o tome kako se rade modovi! Nadam se da postoje ljudi u hrvatskoj koji znaju radit na tome i koji bi pomogli da se to ostvari!
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