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  1. Looking for a UK based clan!
  2. Hi guys, As of next year i'm doing a course in Computer Games Development for Uni and I thought I might as well start learning by using a game I love playing [EM4 basically.] I'm planning to make a mod based either on Liverpool/Merseyside or Scotland but I want to begin with retexturing the vehicles/uniforms and such on towards editing the map, stations, adding scripts and such to make it look like wherever the mod is based! What i'm asking is what would I do from the steps onwards to make it public and such? And any tips and advice would help
  3. Keep up the good work man! Just wanted to say the Hospital name is in German
  4. Will this mod be able to play in Multiplayer?
  5. Man this mod is sounding sweet! Can't wait to play the new update
  6. Is this Mod in English as well? Can't wait to play it tomorrow!
  7. Hi, Basically before you all attack me saying search through the forums, I didn't know how to word it to search it so i'll explain it here: How do you enable callout dispatcher again? I downloaded the update from here EM planet and it disabled my callout dispatcher guy. Thanks
  8. Would be cool! but it's up Pottyscotty and I believe it'll be dead hard
  9. How do you find the protoypes of the doors, wheels, lightsbars? And thanks for the help!
  10. Done it! Thanks for the help MikeyPI and PottyScotty the Personnel everything worked but vehicles look very.. hard to do haha but I'll have a go to see if I can get something right
  11. Ah I see now, I copied over the models and units over yesterday of only one personnel wanting to keep the prototypes of the original mod [this is before I posted it] and it comes up with the missing model file I see now I need to use the editor then I guess. Thanks for the help! EDIT: Just messed around in editor the original files i want to transfer come up as missing model file?? I transferred over the model, texture and protoypes If i was to replace personnel is that the only files I need to C+P? because when I first tried it it just says missing model file and then I opened up editor and got above again
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