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  1. Hello everyone, some of you will recognize some of my works in the other forums. So I bring it on the international level here in this forum. Today I present you the Morning Pride Ben 2 helmet: Credits : Monatana (Test Mod), mibblitz (SCBA), Hoppah(Persons) In the download section you can get this helmet with the firefighters. I do some more projects in the future and hope you enjoy it. So stay tuned folks. Tim
  2. Version 0.0.2


    Today I present you Emergency 4 persons with the Morning Pride BEN 2 and a longer jacket. The package included: Firefighter Firefighter with SCBA Battalion Chief Plus 2 new person skins in PBI and Nomex. Have fun with it!
  3. Hi there, can i ask you some questions?!

  4. Hello everybody, I've got some news around my japanese modelling. A build a completly new person and animated it, so the person ist aleady in Emergency 4 and fight fires. Big thanks to RD_Saarland to make the UV texture for the Person. Greets Tim
  5. That's a big misconception, In Germany we are using those "high-poly" models quite often and we got no problems with this. E.g. we are compressing/packing every model and texture for the "Bieberfelde modification". Due this workflow every person i know got a pretty decent perfomance.
  6. Hey everyone, the Polycount of the helmet was 1089 Polys. The texture size can pack the texture file to dds to load it faster. with greets, Tim
  7. Hello everybody, I will post here some new models und skins for persons and cars. I hope you enjoy it. F.D.N.Y. Morning Pride from Honeywell Other authors: mibblitz (mask and SCBA) Other models follow soon. with greets from germany, Tim
  8. Hey everybody thanks for this great responds! My actual work of a new engine! itchboy that sounds great! with greets, Tim
  9. Maybe I create a mod about Japan. But now I only build some japanese things.
  10. Hello everybody, The channel topic say it, I like Japan. And so I build and skinned some models from Japan. Here we go... Pumper Engine this vehicle is always dispatch to alarms in Emergency 4. Toyota Crown GRS 180 Police Version Other Authors: ERS Berlin Fire department helmets greets from germany, Tim PS: If some one got detailed photos of japanese cars (ambulances, fire trucks or other) please write me. I search every picture of japanese cars. Or someone life there and can take photos, that would amazing to contact me too. I hope of answers.
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