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  1. Work on the Avenger has started!
  2. After a long time I've got somethign new, not a Rosenbauer but just as good! Here we have a HME Rapid Attack Tender
  3. I had a couple of faces too many that weren't adding up. They were a real bugger to find...
  4. @THVFD Thanks for the tip! That helped me on an issue I had with the Rosenbauer which was bugging me the past few days...
  5. @itchboy Cabover's very close but it's very much american. It's a 1988 Ford Cargo. The body is a hazmat body as used by the Sunrise FD.
  6. After two weeks of holidays in Thailand I'm all refreshed and fit for some more modelling. My plan to work on the Rosenbauer during my vacation was hindered by me forgetting to load it onto the laptop. Instead I started a new Model. There will be a few models with this cab. hopefuly I'll get the Rosenbauer done soon too. Points to anyone that can guess what it's going to be.
  7. After a few weeks I'm able to present the starts of the painting, A few final tweaks were needed for me to be happy with the model.
  8. Samll update on the grill. I decided to completely restart the grill and it seems to be turning out okay!
  9. In Europe they've been around for a long time and there are tons of models to choose from. The Rosenbauer Fire Apparatus. This is my first real attempt on creating a complete model by myself. Up to now I think it's working out pretty well although there are a few tricky bits. Currently I'm trying to model the grill on the cab which is proving to be quite a task. Here are a couple of pictures, I'll be trying to get updates on how it's working out to you guys! I'd be glad to get some feedback and tips to help me get on track! http://www.emergency-planet.com/uploads/monthly_2019_06/Cab_01.thumb.PNG.9dc5ebb62ae9b5ad84ad11e54adb69cc.PNG http://www.emergency-planet.com/uploads/monthly_2019_06/Engine_01.thumb.PNG.9516de19a14349f7ed24b7af673cd3dd.PNG
  10. Thanks a lot! That's exactly what I was looking for. God only knows how I missed it...
  11. Hey all, I seem to rmember seeing a model of a Whelen ION Light around somwhere but I have no clue where. If there is one It'd be a great addition to my project and if not I'll have to think of something else Thanks and best regards and a Happy New Year to everyone!
  12. Fixing it isn't a problem allready been done
  13. Wonderful Mod very well done although there are one two thing that could be fixed, for example the 11A5 TL should have an "install command" and the navara on the map has a few little problems parking. Keep up the good work!
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