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  1. I'm in the process of creating a piece of software with Visual Studio 2015 and I need some help. I need some help in writing the code for it. Here is what it's for. It is going to be used as a form thing where you type in info. What I want to have is a button where it says save then it saves the info typed in the textboxes in another file. I need to know how to code for this. Also I need the code for a button to select where to save the file.
  2. Does anybody know where I can find military vehicles for the game?
  3. Do you know where I can get the LA Freeplay map texture. Cause I want to base my map off of it.
  4. I am creating a capital city for my mod. Does anybody know where I can find buildings like the US capitol building or other government buildings.
  5. Many different including Emergency 4
  6. This is totally unrelated to Emergency 4. Anyways, I am in the process of starting my own "country". At the moment it is merely a gaming group, but it does have a government, flag, etc. I am trying to create a national anthem. This is where I need you guys help. I need suggestions for tunes and lyrics for those tunes. I have my favorite tunes. For example I like the tune of the French National Anthem. For help with our nation I tell you a little about what we stand for we are completely against the liberals of the U.S. we support the conservatives. Right now our government is a Customized Constitutional Monarchy. I've called it Bradonia. For more ideas about the nation please comment
  7. I am trying to create a map of my hometown. How do a make a map from scratch. Also how do I access the game map textures so that can edit them. Also if someone would like to create the map for me send me a message.
  8. I have a problem with reskinning vehicles. I try to open them up in paint and it says theres an error. It says it's not a dds when it obviously is. I try to unpack the files in the editor and it still doesen't work.
  9. Thank You. I appreciate all your help.
  10. Then how do you edit the intro description on the loading screen that explains the mission?
  11. Ok i'm making a mission. I want a building to be on fire but it doesn't have any firechilds how do I add them to it
  12. I am interested in making missions for my mod. Similar to the ones Hoppah made for the LA Mod. How do I make the description for the mission. I've kinda got an idea of how to make the mission on the map. But I need help for the intro description and the ending percentage thing.
  13. Ok I have created a map for the game. How to I set it as the freeplay map so I can play free play on it. I saved the map and it created a e4m file. How do I create the eft file or do I even need to replace it.
  14. I though about editing the LA Mod Freeplay Map for my new mod im creating. How do I edit it. Cause I open up the dds file in paint and try to zoom in to edit but it's burry. So how do I edit map textures?
  15. I though about using Google Sketchup. Is there any certain measurements for creating buildings. Also do you have to make prototypes for it. And how do you make it enterable.
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